According to LinkedIn, the “#1 Most Promising Job” is data science! But we here at Codeup understand changing careers can be a daunting idea. That’s where our free Learn to Code workshops come in! 

On Saturday 4/23 we will be teaching a free Learn to Code workshop on the programming language Python which is one of the major building blocks of Data Science!

What is data science? What is Python?

If you’re curious, join for free to learn the basics of Python from our very own instructors and get an introduction to the field of Data Science. This is all done from the comfort of home.

Save your seat quickly – our Python workshops are always in high demand!

What you need:

1. Laptop (does not matter what kind). You need to be able to access WiFi and run an internet browser.

2. To RSVP!

You can register for the event below!