Women in Tech

Help us close tech’s gender gap.

Learn the skills jobs are looking for.
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Data Science Course

Full-Stack Web Development

Always dreamed of coding games, apps, or websites? Develop the applications every company needs.

Data Science Course

Data Science

Do you love data and details? Become the business analyst that identifies actionable insights.

Data Science Course

Cloud administration

Learn the building blocks of cloud technology to become the go-to troubleshooter for any company.

Codeup |Her Story|

Abby spent her years in the education industry before her career transition into the tech industry. After graduating Codeup, she is now working in, what she calls, her “dream job of combining the best of both worlds (computer science and education) at Microsoft TEALS. 

Women in Tech Scholarship Application

It’s time to level the playing field in tech. We offer a total of $10,000 in scholarships to women in each of our classes; awarding $5,000 to one recipient, and $2,500 to two recipients.

  • All women may apply.
  • We’ll choose recipients based on merit, determined by admissions scores and application answers.
  • We’ll award scholarships two weeks out from class start date.
  • Plan your tuition without accounting for any scholarship – if selected, we’ll figure out your tuition balance from there.
  • We’ll deduct your scholarship total from your tuition cost.