Learn to Code in 6 Months. Get hired or your money back_

Codeup is a fully immersive career accelerator that will help you start a job in web development or data science. You’ll spend 6 months in a full-time, employer-oriented curriculum with hands-on experience on plenty of projects. We’ll even help you land your first position in your new career. Get a job within 6 months of graduating or get your money back.

Launch a career in 6 months, not 4 years
Add hands-on projects to your resume
Get help landing a job
Learn the skills employers care about

Women in Tech_

It’s time to level the playing field in tech! Codeup is excited to offer scholarships to women who wish to pursue a career in any of our programs. All women are encouraged to apply. Recipients are chosen based on merit, and determined by admission scores in addition to application answers. Scholarships will be awarded two weeks out from class start date and It’s recommended to plan tuition without scholarship aid. We’ll deduct your scholarship total from your tuition cost.

Apply Soon!_

Click the button below to apply for the Women in Tech Scholarship, but make sure to first apply for Codeup! As soon as you submit your Codeup application, whether for Web Development or Data Science, then you can submit your scholarship application, too. For our web development classes, we have a new class starting about every other month, for our data science classes, we only start about two classes each year.

Other Financial Options_

On top of a scholarship, we will help you fund your $27,500 (Web Dev) or $29,500 (Data Science) Codeup investment with loans, grants, and, if applicable, VA benefits, and you can apply for more than one scholarship. Please click here to view your financial aid options.

Want to Dip Your Toes in First?_

A career in tech may not be your passion right now, but we offer plenty of opportunities to test the waters with our virtual Learn to Code workshops. You can learn a new skill like HTML & CSS, Javascript, Python, and Machine Learning, for FREE. Everyone is welcome to attend these workshops (no experience needed) because we know you just might fall in love with coding! We also host panel events with alumni who share their experiences transitioning into a career in tech, where they are now, and how Codeup helped to make that possible. 

Are you ready to launch your career?_

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call regarding any questions you may have at (210) 802-7289 or schedule a call with an Admissions Manager!