Learn to Code (And Keep Your Day Job!)

Looking to transition into the field of computer programming but can’t quit your day job? Want to advance your current career by adding “coding” to your resume?

Codeup’s Night Bootcamp might be the answer for you! Starting in March, we’re launching an “after hours” option for aspiring professional computer programmers who want to attend a Codeup bootcamp, but can’t commit to a full-time schedule during the day. Night Bootcamp’s course content mirrors that of Day Bootcamp, but classes run on weekday evenings and alternating weekends.

Just like Day Bootcamp, classes are in person, with live instructors leading you through a project-based curriculum in a collaborative learning environment.  It’s the same Codeup “special sauce,” just on a different timeline.

You can see our results for yourself on our Alumni page. From our November cohort, 11 out of the 12 are working and the 12th is a Codeup Fellow. We’ve created over $2.5 million dollars in new tech salaries. Intensity + focus + solid staff + positive environment = great output.

Night Bootcamp lasts nine months, beginning March 20th and ending December 18th. The course includes over 650 hours of classroom instruction, with additional instructor-manned study halls for students who need extra time.

If Night Bootcamp is the learning opportunity you’ve been waiting for, apply now or check out the Night Bootcamp page for more details.


UPDATE: We no longer offer part-time classes. This modality of learning proved extremely unsuccessful with alarmingly low completion rates. In our experience, if you’re fully committed to changing your life and work toward it full-time, it will happen. If you are only partly committed and work toward it part-time, you’ll fall back into old patterns.  Ultimately, our mission of “empowering life change” did not align with part-time classes.