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How Are Codeup’s Outcomes Reported?

Codeup is committed to transparency in our outcomes and clarity in our policies. As a career accelerator, both begin with our state regulators, the Texas Workforce Commission, through which we are licensed as a Texas Career School. To ensure we are delivering on our promises, we submit annual outcomes reports that summarize program completion and post-graduation employment rates for the period of September through August. These are reviewed and published through the state on an annual basis for the previous year.

Unfortunately, every state has different regulatory procedures, which means bootcamps all over the country report, are reviewed, and publish differently. Ultimately, this impacts students negatively by reducing transparency, clarity, and accessibility of those numbers. Some bootcamps report employment rates for subsets of their graduates, while others publish for only specific time periods. To bridge this gap, Codeup has teamed up with Ascent Funding and the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting to improve transparency in results reporting so students can make informed decisions. As a voluntary measure to improve transparency, Codeup submits two reports, conducts an external audit, and publishes through CIRR twice each year.

If you have more questions about outcomes reporting, reach out to us at info@codeup.com!