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October 4th

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November 18th

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Become a Developer_

Make your mark on the most in-demand career in the country in just 22 weeks. Bring your ideas to life by creating an app or website from start to finish while discovering how to fulfill your future employer’s needs by learning, thinking, and working like a developer.

The Curriculum_

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Git
  • JavaScript
  • TDD
  • Web Design
  • jQuery
  • Java I
  • Java II
  • MySQL
  • Java III
  • Spring
  • Capstone
  • Career Simulation
  • HTML: Building Pages

    Explore how to build the structure of a web page, the components of page structure, and learn the HTML (HyperText Markup Language) coding language. You will learn the components of page structure, HTML elements, and HTML forms.

    Prerequisite: Admission to Program.

  • CSS: Styling Pages

    The creation of a web page doesn’t stop at the structure. Learn how to use the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) coding language to style your web pages. Explore CSS elements and style sheets, which provide the visual and aural layout of a web page.

    Prerequisite: HTML

  • Git: Version Control

    When working with multiple developers, it’s important to know which changes each developer has made. Explore how to use Git for version control to store your code and revisions, create a repository, initialize a repository, and add, commit, push and pull files.

    Prerequisite: CSS

  • JavaScript: Interactive Code

    When someone visits your website, they interact with it. Learn how to use JavaScript to provide interactivity to your website users through client-side scripts. It’s also commonly used in server-side programming, game development, and desktop application creation.

    Prerequisite: Git

  • Test-Driven Development

    Put your code to the test! Test-driven development is a software development process that integrates coding, design and testing together into one workflow. Learn the basics of JUnit for testing Java code and Spring for integration testing. Explore how to write tests for variables, objects, and arrays.

    Prerequisite: JavaScript

  • Web Design and Project Planning

    Learn the basic principles of design for the web. Gain a foundation in project planning by learning how to create user stories, feature lists, wireframes and using basic tools for building database diagrams.

    Prerequisite: Test Driven Development

  • jQuery

    jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. With an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers, it simplifies several web development processes. Learn how to use jQuery selectors, events, essential methods, effects, and Ajax requests.

    Prerequisite: Web Design and Project Planning

  • Java I

    Dive deeper into the world of JavaScript, an interpreted computer programming language. Allow web users to control the browser, communicate asynchronously, and alter the document content that is displayed.

    Prerequisite: jQuery

  • Java II

    Continue building on your Java foundation. Explore concepts such as Object-Oriented Programming, Arrays, and File Manipulation.

    Prerequisite: Java I

  • MySQL

    Learn to use MySQL, a relational database management system. You’ll learn to manage data in MySQL databases, a central component of most web development software stacks.

    Prerequisite: Java II

  • Java III

    Continue building on Java I and II. Learn the basics of Model-View-Controller (MVC), a software pattern that allows for a more organized, more easily maintained codebase. Learn how to use Servlets, as well as how Java and MySQL interact with each other.

    Prerequisite: MySQL

  • Spring

    Spring is an MVC web application framework that makes it easy and fun to build dynamic web applications. Learn the fundamentals and features of Spring and how to deploy websites.

    Prerequisite: Java III

  • Full Stack Capstone

    Work with a small team to construct a full stack web application for your final project. This web project will have full functionality and a number of key features highlighted in the curriculum.

    Prerequisite: Spring

  • Career Simulation and Preparation

    Throughout the program, you’ll learn a variety of skills related to career preparation and professional development. By the time you graduate, you will possess soft skills such as team-building and communication, as well as career development skills such as resume writing, online branding, and interviewing.

    Prerequisite: Full Stack Capstone

A Day In The Life_

  • 8:30AM
  • 9:00AM
  • 9:10AM
  • 11AM
  • 12:30PM
  • 12:30PM
  • 1:30PM
  • 4:50PM
  • 5PM
  • 8: 30AM Get Prepared

    Before class, grab yourself a free cup of coffee and a snack, review the upcoming curriculum, practice some programming exercises, and hang out with your classmates!

  • 9:00AM Get Started

    At 9 AM, Instructors will get you warmed up with morning announcements, review problems, and challenge questions.

  • 9:10AM Lecture

    Instructors will guide you through the day’s new content through a combination of overview, explanation, live coding demonstrations, and practice problems.

  • 11AM Lab

    At the end of each lesson, the class will work through a set of exercises to practice and reinforce the content they’ve just been taught. Instructors and students collaborate to problem solve, give feedback, and complete the problem set.

  • 12:30PM Lunch

    From 12:30-1:30, enjoy your hour lunch in our student break area or at a nearby downtown restaurant.

  • 12:30PM Tech Talk

    During Thursday lunches, we bring in a guest speaker to talk about the tech industry. You’ll hear from developers, recruiters, hiring managers, and Codeup alums.

  • 1:30PM Project time

    At the end of each module (for example, finishing JavaScript), build a larger project that integrates all the lessons and skills learned over the previous weeks. Deploy that to your GitHub repo to build your online presence! Sometimes you’ll do this on your own, other times you’ll pair program, and sometimes you’ll get to work in a larger group.

  • 4:50PM Break

    Wrap up the class day at 5 PM with some review, Q/A, and heads up for the next day.

  • 5PM Study

    Spend an hour reviewing the day’s content and practicing more problems. Or, meet up with fellow students or alumni to form a study group.

Guided Admissions Process_

Our guided admissions process is the perfect time to find out if Codeup is the right fit for you and your goals. Our students come from all walks of life, and there is no programming experience required for our Web Development program. If you are a motivated, professional, critical-thinker, we’re excited to meet you.
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