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Stay home and launch your next career using VET TEC!

Are you a veteran looking for your next career?

Based in Military City but available remotely across Texas, Codeup has helped hundreds of veterans become Data Scientists and Software Developers. Using your VA benefits and VET TEC, you can start your next career in just under 6 months with our full-time, fully immersive programs.

Are you eligible to use VET TEC funding?

To qualify for VET TEC, you must:

1. Not be on active duty
2. Qualify for VA Education Assistance under the GI Bill
3. Have at least one day of unexpired GI Bill entitlement 

When is VET TEC funding available?

VET TEC renews it’s funding on an annual cycle in October. However, we’ve received notice of additional funding for the year 2021 which will be available starting in April!

IMPORTANT: Funds run out very quickly each year. If you’re interested in using VET TEC, we recommend applying immediately and going through our admissions process as quickly as possible. That way, you’ll be accepted early and we can certify your enrollment as soon as VET TEC funding becomes available from the VA.

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Web development 

Make your mark on the most in-demand career in the country, from home, in just 22 weeks. Bring your ideas to life by creating an app or website from start to finish while discovering how to fulfill your future employer’s needs by learning, thinking, and working like a developer.

Web Developer Bootcamp Timeline

Mediam Salary: $45,505

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data science

Businesses are relying on data insights and actionable intelligence more than ever to make informed decisions. As a Data Scientist, you will turn data into stories and informed presentations that will drive their success. Learn exactly what your future employer needs and become a critical business asset, from home, in just 22 weeks. 

Data Science Bootcamp Timeline

Median Salary: $72,000

Thank you for your service!

Now, we look forward to helping you start your civilian career!