How Does a Coding Bootcamp Measure Success?

Aug 14, 2018 | Tips for Prospective Students

How Does a Coding Bootcamp Measure Success?

Yesterday, I ran into the great Alan Weinkrantz (alanweinkrantz.com).

We talked about Codeup briefly and I shared the success of the first cohort with him: 23 received job offers with good benefits and salary already. They’re out doing meaningful stuff.

Alan asked, “How much are they earning in total as a class?”

I did the math: a bit over $1,100,000 in annual, new compensation was generated by just this first 3-month class. That’s all new tech workers out making a living here and elsewhere.

How do you impact a community? We do it a million dollars at a time.

I like this number. And we’re going to do it three times in just our first year.