What is the Value of a Codeup Education?

This is a guest article by Michael Taylor, originally posted at The Rivard Report and Bankers Anonymous. Like many, I see education from a combination of angles. Unquestionably, education makes us broader thinkers and more sparkling conversationalists. Education makes us more actualized humans. But as a finance guy, a small evil part of me always applies the $64,000 Wall Street question to … Read More

Learn to Code (And Keep Your Day Job!)

Looking to transition into the field of computer programming but can’t quit your day job? Want to advance your current career by adding “coding” to your resume? Codeup’s Night Bootcamp might be the answer for you! Starting in March, we’re launching an “after hours” option for aspiring professional computer programmers who want to attend a Codeup bootcamp, but can’t commit … Read More

Rackspace’s Open Cloud Academy and Codeup, A Comparison

At Codeup, we’re often asked how our program compares with Rackspace’s Open Cloud Academy (OCA). As we operate out of the same building and teach concepts in a somewhat similar domain to a lay-person, it’s important to note that we probably have less in common than one might think. Here are some differences: At Codeup, you’re becoming a programmer/software engineer/web … Read More

Can a simple algebra test predict programming aptitude?

Every year since the establishment of Computer Science in the 1960s, 30-60% of CS college majors have failed their Introduction to Computer Science course because they simply could not learn to program. Despite hours of studying and tutoring, most of these underperforming students struggle with, and many ultimately give up on, programming as a career. So here is the ultimate … Read More

Women’s Scholarship Recipient: Stephanie Riera

Congratulations to Stephanie Riera! She will be the recipient of the first women’s scholarship for our November Bootcamp. Stephanie will be getting 50% off of tuition. I would not have the opportunity to learn programming in such a short amount of time if it were not for this scholarship opportunity. Now I have the means to start a new career with a renewed set of skills … Read More

Top 3 Reasons to Attend Codeup Demo Day

Why attend the next Codeup Demo Day? Here are 3 great reasons: 1) It’s a reverse job fair. Employers, it’s your turn to relax, socialize, and be wow’d while our students do the hard work of showing off their capstone programming projects. Come and enjoy some refreshments while our web developers do their best to catch your eye! 2) It’s … Read More

Student Blog – Josue Plaza

Josue Plaza is a student in our current cohort, codenamed “Badlands.” He has a creative background and writes music for video games. We’re very happy to have him be a part of our class. He recently wrote a blog for us about why he wants to do Codeup: About two weeks ago, I had spent an afternoon planning my summer … Read More

7 signs you should do a programming bootcamp

Is a Programming Bootcamp For You? There is little wonder why the tech industry is booming; computers are everywhere, and developers are frantically writing code to make them work for us. There are plenty of tech jobs out there for people to get, but not everyone has the skills necessary to be successful in the tech industry. Where are the best … Read More

Scholarship Recipient: Amanda Beller

We are excited to announce that Amanda Beller will be receiving our final scholarship for the LAMP Stack class starting in May. I want to attend Codeup in order to pursue my passion and achieve success in a meaningful career path. I hope to add my own unique perspective as a woman to the world of computer programming, as well. … Read More

Learning to Code vs Learning to Build

In creating Codeup, we interviewed a lot of people, and we discovered an ugly truth: there are tons of ways out there to learn to code. However, there are few that would teach you how to apply your newfound knowledge. People would tell us: “I went through Codeacademy or a CS program at college and I can’t make anything.” As … Read More