Codeup San Antonio


Our San Antonio Location_


Codeup was founded in November of 2013 in San Antonio, Texas. We are a coding Bootcamp that offers two 20-week full-time career accelerator programs in full-stack web development and data science. Our unique education approach disrupts traditional higher education modules by working directly with employer partners to create dynamic, relevant and in-demand curriculum. Our San Antonio campus currently only offers both full-stack web development and data science programs.

Our San Antonio campus is settled right in the Tech District, in walking distance from:

  • The Alamo
  • The Riverwalk
  • Geekdom
  • Magestic Theater

We are nestled in the historic Vogue building located in Downtown San Antonio. We occupy the third and sixth floor where we run our web development and data science cohorts. We hold classes year-round, and our students have access to classrooms, dining areas, kitchenettes, conference rooms, and plenty of breakout space.

The Programs_

Full-Stack Web Development

Looking to kickstart your career in tech? No matter the background or technical experience, if technology excites you, we encourage you to start this new journey into web development!

Data Science

Do you love data-driven decision making and analytical problem solving? Accelerate your career into Data Science, Glassdoor’s #1 Job in America! Learn Python, SQL, Machine Learning and more to influence decision making in any organization.


  • I went through Codeup's inaugural Data Science class from Feb-Jun in 2019. I have a couple of key points to take note of: The instructors - As a whole, the instructors have a kind of passion that is different from any other learning environment that I've encountered. They genuinely want to help you get to the answer without just giving it to you. They care about you and how you learn, which can be tough with a very diverse group of students of all age groups. This course touched on most of the major points that are needed for an aspiring Data Scientist, and with the ones not covered, they were at least introduced. Overall, I had a wonderful experience with Codeup - the staff is absolutely fantastic with the little things. They were just as helpful during the final stretch as they were in the admission stage. They really love helping people and it's hard to fake that. If you're looking for a career pivot or just to supplement your current knowledge with something else, Codeup is a great choice. 5/5 stars in my book!

  • Codeup is the fastest entrance into the tech arena and completing this program will open doors that would be otherwise inaccessible. Their reputation is outstanding because they only take the best. They push you hard because that is how the skills needed for success in this field are acquired, and they guarantee their results because they know their program works. The promises made to me were not only kept, they were exceeded. Choose Codeup if you want a transformational experience and an assured digital future.

  • Code up has been a great place for me to learn from real experienced people who have shave years off your learning curve.

  • I graduated from Codeup a year ago today. Allow me to share my thoughts: Prior to becoming a software developer, I was working as a biologist at a local food testing lab. The pay was horrible, the career path was virtually just wasn't a good place to be in any sense. I gained interest in Computer Science, so I started taking a few college classes on the side. But when my financial aid was pulled, I had to consider alternative solutions to get me where I wanted to go. Enter Codeup. FROM THE BEGINNING, the Codeup staff went above and beyond to help me decide if this was a good fit for ME. As a new dad and someone financially struggling, I had concerns. But the Codeup staff stepped up to the plate and helped to walk me through what my time here would look like. At one point, I had a one-hour phone call with the then-VP of Operations to voice my concerns and get my questions answered. And after all was said and done, I decided to take the plunge. I won't lie: this program is difficult. You will be challenged. You will be tested (literally). But you're going to grow, a lot.


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