Salary Refund Guarantee_

Love your next software developer, or get their salary back. 

Revolutionary hiring that eliminates your risk_

Hiring software developers doesn’t have to be so risky. Codeup trains software developers, then places them at companies large and small, like USAA, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Social Solutions. To help you eliminate the risk of hiring software developers, we’ve re-done hiring with a salary refund guarantee. If you hire a Codeup grad and let them go within the first two weeks, we’ll reimburse you 100% of their payroll. We are that confident in our developers.

$0 in placement fees + 2 week refund eligibility = no-risk hire


You’ll pay no recruitment fees, no placement fees, and we guarantee our grads with two weeks of insured pay. It’s time to revolutionize and de-risk hiring.

NO Risk
NO Fees
You pay us nothing, period.

How does this work?_

We’ll curate a list of candidates that will meet your needs from a diverse pool of over 700 alumni, composed of 30% military veterans, 25% women, and 50% minorities. We sign an agreement, you get a new developer, and if you let them go in the first 2 weeks, we’ll pay back their payroll. No tricks, no risks, just talent.

You tell us about what you're looking for
We hand-pick 2-5 candidates and facilitate interviews
You test run your hire with a two-week refund guarantee period