Use our library of learning tools to see if Codeup is right for you!

I want to…see if I like coding_

Try this if you’re interested in Web Development:

1. Click here to watch a video on HTML Basics.

2. Make your way through each of the HTML modules listed on the left (if on desktop). Your first challenge will be to write a poem.

Try this if you’re interested in Data Science:

1. Visit

2. Follow the instructions under “Getting Started.” You will need to create your own account to “Copy and Edit” the page so that you can practice Python! If you only read the page, you can’t see if you like doing it.

3. Read through the sections and then practice in the cells that say “Exercise.”

I want to…preview what I could do by the end of Codeup_

Full-Stack Web Development Capstone Projects

Data Science Capstone Projects

I want to…view official student employment outcomes_

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Our goal is to get you hired in-field within 6 months of graduating. On this Outcomes Report, you can see what jobs our students are landing, how many of them are landing jobs, and what their average salaries are.

View Our Outcomes Report for Web Development
View Our Outcomes Report for Data Science

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