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To see how to calculate whether or not Codeup is worth the investment based on your goals and priorities, or to see how Codeup stacks up against other options, check out our step-by-step Return on Investment guide!

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Official Student Employment Outcomes

As a tech bootcamp with a 100% tuition refund guarantee, we’re committed to your outcome.

Our goal is to get you hired in-field within 6 months of graduating. On this Outcomes Report, you can see what jobs our students are landing, how many of them are landing jobs, and what their average salaries are.

Web Development Outcomes Report

Data Science Outcomes Report

I Want to See if I Like Coding

Try This if You're Interested in Web Development

Watch this video on HTML Basics

Now, click here and make your way through each of the HTML modules listed on the left (if on desktop). Your first challenge will be to write a poem.

Learn more about Web Development | Apply Now

Try This if You're Interested in Data Science
  1. Visit https://www.kaggle.com/ryanorsinger/intro-to-python
  2. Follow the instructions under “Getting Started.” You will need to create your own account to “Copy and Edit” the page so that you can practice Python! If you only read the page, you can’t see if you like doing it.
  3. Read through the sections and then practice in the cells that say “Exercise.”

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Try This if You're Interested in Cloud Administration
1. Click here to sign up for our free Networking Crash Course

Learn more about Cloud Administration | Apply Now

What are my financial aid options?

Between scholarships, grants, loans, and VA benefits, we work with you to help make the Codeup investment possible.

Get answers to frequently asked questions

What does Codeup do?

We empower life change by giving you all the technical and professional training to launch a new career in tech, then we help you land a job in-field. We also help employers find the qualified and diverse tech talent they need by matching them with Codeup grads handpicked for them.

Do you have a refund guarantee?
Yes, we’re so confident in our program, we have two! If you don’t get hired within 6 months of graduating, we’ll refund your tuition. If you are let go within 2 weeks of hiring, we’ll refund your salary. View limitations here
Are Codeup’s programs in-person or remote?
We are back on campus for in-person learning. Due to limited capacity, we’ve added a couple of virtual classes (can be subject to change.)
Can I come to Codeup if I’m not from Texas?
No. Since all students will be required to be on campus starting January 3rd, 2022, you must live within driving distance of our Dallas or San Antonio campus by that time.
Why should I go to Codeup instead of a bootcamp or university?

Your success is our priority, our people are our focus, and our mission is to empower your life change. Here’s a combination of things you won’t find elsewhere:

  1. Your application process is rigorous and highly personalized. We really get to know you so we can be sure it’s a mutual fit.
  2. Our instructors are the best. Not only do they have industry experience, but students rave about the thought and care they pour into them.
  3. Our job isn’t done until you have yours. You’ll get personalized career coaching, and a whole team helping you to find a job, even after graduation.
  4. We’re personally invested in you! If you don’t get hired within 6 months of graduating, that means we didn’t do our part, so we will refund your tuition.