Come to Codeup From Home_

Codeup has gone remote! Please rest assured that “remote” does not mean “go at your own pace” with no help from instructors. You’ll be in LIVE class every day, with two instructors, one graduate fellow, and about 25 other classmates in one Zoom room. Every instructor and student will have their webcams on to simulate an in-person classroom environment. You’ll still work solo, in teams, and as a cohort on executing and presenting projects throughout the program.

What does Codeup remote look like?_

  • Live instruction with your cohort, learning alongside peers
  • Screensharing during lecture
  • Live asking for help
  • Live collaboration
    • Pair programming and group work in separate virtual rooms
  • Live presentations
    • Present your projects to each other
  • 670 hours
    • Half-day of class on Wednesday to give time for practice and code review
    • Early release at 4pm every Monday or Tuesday
    • Other weekdays are 9am-5pm
    • Optional office hours before and after class

What does applying look like?_

Now that we’re remote, we’re excited to extend Codeup to people across Texas! Whether you’re in San Antonio, Dallas, or a small town we’ve never heard of, the application process is the same for everyone. Our only requirement is that you’ll live somewhere in Texas by the time class starts.

Submit your free application, speak to our Admissions Team via phone, and do a virtual campus tour on Zoom.
Complete your admissions testing online and behavioral interview on Zoom.
Chat with our Financial Aid Manager over phone and Zoom to secure your financial aid. Then work through our free pre-work online, and get ready for class by having virtual check-ins with our team!
Remote Codeup

What does community look like?_

  • Staying engaged with each other with:
    • Zoom pair programming after hours
    • Zoom happy hours
    • Yoga breaks
    • Sharing best practices
  • Guest speakers during lunch on Thursdays
  • Socially-distanced swag pick-up and professional headshots

What does the job search look like?_

  • Our tuition refund guarantee is alive and well. If you don’t get a job in-field, you’ll get your tuition back.
  • You’ll get one on one help refining  your:
    • Resume
    • LinkedIn
    • Interview skills
  • We provide what employers need and right now, that’s adaptability to remote work.
  • We host a virtual hiring event for recruiters and employers to see your final group capstone projects, which are also completed remotely.
  • After graduation, you’ll continue to code side projects or volunteer projects while job searching.

What does your future look like?_

Find out, with Codeup!