An important part of Codeup’s mission is to build San Antonio’s tech industry. We want to help individual’s change their lives by kickstarting their careers in technology, and to support tech companies by introducing them to new talent. Codeup values our city, and believe in the emerging tech economy. We have committed to growing our city, which means training both local talent and external talent.  To support that mission, we are offering a Relocation Scholarship!

Any student relocating to San Antonio may apply for a  $1,000 scholarship. In order to receive this Relocation Scholarship, students must commit to stay in San Antonio for at least 1 year following graduation.


Additional Information!

Once you are done, please hit “Submit” so we can consider your Relocation Scholarship application! We will review your application once you have completed our admissions process and received an offer of admission. You will then work with our admissions team to arrange your tuition plan with the scholarship in consideration. Thank you for your service!

For information about our tuition options, please visit our Financial Aid page! We offer a wide variety of payment options: grants that can cover your cost of tuition, loan partners that can finance your tuition, military benefits, and self-payment options. If you have more questions, please email us at info@codeup.com, and we’ll be happy to work with you!