100% Tuition Refund Policy_

Codeup is dedicated in helping you transition into a career you love. That’s why we have the tuition refund policy in place! If you do not find a career in-field within 6 months of graduating our program, you will receive a 100% tuition refund. Read more on our policy below!


Codeup will refund 100% of received tuition to graduates who do not receive an offer of “in-field” employment (as defined by the TWC) within 6 months of graduation. To qualify, graduates must meet and maintain eligibility as outlined below. Refunds will be issued to the parties responsible for tuition funds, including individuals, loan partners, grant partners, and the VA.


Graduates are eligible if: they are age 18 or over, possess legal status to work in the United States, have no criminal history, and seek “in-field” employment in the United States.


In order to maintain refund eligibility, graduates must:

  • Within 6 months of graduation, not qualify for and/or complete Section A of TWC CSC Form 072 A, which states: “Since graduation, I have not worked in the field for which I was trained.” This includes post-graduation outcomes of:
    • Enrollment in a full-time program
    • Full-time enlistment in the military
    • Incarceration (documentation required)
    • Death (documentation required)
    • Other (documentation required)
  • Graduate with no more than 3 unexcused absences or 10 tardies, and with a cumulative grade of 70% or higher
  • Maintain compliance with Codeup placement standards, by:
    • Pursuing all job opportunities provided by Codeup Placement Office to completion of interview cycle (offer or rejection)
    • Submitting a minimum of 5 job applications per week
    • Completing a minimum of 5 GitHub commits per week, containing evidence of newly written code post-graduation date
    • Meeting with the Codeup Placement Office at minimum once per month

If a graduate believes they qualify for a tuition refund under these stipulations:

  • Graduate must submit a written request to Codeup at S4518Director@codeup.com within 30 days of the 6-month post-graduation date
  • Codeup will review and respond to the graduate within 30 days of submission
  • If approved, refunds will be issued within 60 days of refund approval
  • If a funding partner refuses a refund, Codeup will make a donation of an equal amount to a non-profit organization.

Disclaimer: Should Codeup go out of business or be bought by another company, all employment refunds will be terminated on the date of closure/sale.

Force Majeure: In the case of an event or events beyond the control of Codeup that prevents Codeup’s compliance with its obligations under this contract in regard to post-graduation employment guarantee only, Codeup shall have the opportunity to extend the post-graduation employment guarantee deadline from 6 to 12 months. Events beyond the control of Codeup include, but are not limited to: acts of God (fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods,); war, invasion, embargo;  or acts of terrorism that cause the closing of business.

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