Earn a Referral Payout

You could earn cash for every student you send to Codeup! Learn the full offer details below:

Earn up to $1,000 Per Student*!

*Codeup Referral Program*

How it works

How can you make money telling your friends and family about Codeup? If someone you refer completes the program, we’ll give you a payout. Make sure they put your name on their initial application, or you won’t get credit!

How do I get paid?

It’s so simple! Tell everyone about Codeup’s Cloud Administration, Web Development and Data Science programs! Make sure the person you refer to Codeup puts your legal name on their initial application on this form, or you won’t get credit!  When they complete the program, reach out to us and we’ll confirm your payout.

If a prospective student lists YOU on their application and graduates the program, you’ll receive:

NOTE: The application must be submitted after 04/16/2019. Codeup staff members are not eligible to receive referral bonuses for prospective and current Codeup students due to regulation by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). If a Codeup alum accepts a position as a Codeup staff member in any capacity, they are relinquishing their eligibility for the alumni referral bonus for the period that they are employed by Codeup. Codeup Alumni are eligible.

*Women in Tech referral program cannot be used in combination with any other existing referral or promotion.*

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From Military to Software Developer

After serving 25 years in the military and law enforcement, Boris knew it was time to launch a second career in web development. Codeup challenged and encouraged him to use the skills he had learned from serving in the United States Army and bring them into the classroom!

Marine & Software Developer

After serving in the Marine Corps, Lance worked in the service industry for over 15 years. Feeling empowered to make a change in his career, he sought out education options and came across Codeup. Check out his amazing story of transitioning into software development, a career he loves.

From Hairstylist to Software Developer

As a hairstylist, Sukari expressed her discomfort of having to work weekends and long hours. Her number one goal of transitioning careers was to find a career she loves and has a flexible work schedule so that she can spend more time with her son. Check out her transition story and how much she is loving her new career in software development!

From Service Industry to Software Engineer

Transitioning from the service industry and facing potential financial obstacles with his DREAMer status, Nestor is excited to share his life-changing experience at Codeup.

Who are our students?

We train students of all ages and educational backgrounds. While the majority already have a degree, very few (less than 10%)  come from technical backgrounds. Highest level of education:


Have a Bachelor’s Degree


Have a Master’s Degree


Technical/Trade Training

Tell them – Get hired or 100% of your tuition back*

Codeup’s Placement Team goes above and beyond to help you get a job. We’ll:

  • Send you applications based on what kind of job you want
  • Help build your resume and LinkedIn
  • Practice interviews with you
  • Provide Career Coaching services at no extra cost

This professional development is an ongoing, standard part of our curriculum. Get hired within 6 months of graduating or 100% of your tuition back.

*Check out our refunds page to learn more about our tuition refund! 

Financial Aid Options They Can Apply For


If you’re unemployed, underemployed, underskilled, a veteran, or under the age of 25, you may be eligible for a grant from one of our grant partners. You may apply for multiple grants to help offset the cost of tuition as much as possible.


Think you’ll play a part in diversifying the tech industry? Apply for a scholarship! We aim to make a career in tech accessible to everyone, especially underrepresented groups. With amounts ranging from hundreds up to $5,000, we encourage all eligible students to apply.


You have many options for loans, including not having to make any payments during the program or for 6 months after! We’ve partnered up with select institutions to offer flexible financing options to make Codeup more accessible. However, you may also finance your tuition through outside lenders, such as credit unions or personal bank loans.

Va benefits 

Codeup is proud to accept VA Benefits, including Ch. 31, T.O.E., VET TEC, and GI Bill,  as a form of tuition payment for our San Antonio-based classes. What’s more, our in-house School Certifying Official is available and happy to answer any questions you may have.

We only require a $1,000 initial deposit before the first class day, and our Financial Aid & Enrollment Manager helps each individual student decide which options to pursue. We accept payments via credit card, check and ACH.