Rackspace and Codeup, A Comparison

Rackspace and Codeup, A Comparison

At Codeup, we’re often asked how our program compares with Rackspace’s Open Cloud Academy (OCA). As we operate out of the same building and teach concepts in a somewhat similar domain to a lay-person, it’s important to note that we probably have less in common than one might think.

Here are some differences:

  • At Codeup, you’re becoming a programmer/software engineer/web developer, and at Rackspace OCA, you’re en route to be a systems/network administrator.
  • Codeup teaches you how to build things, while Rackspace OCA teaches you how to maintain and manage things others have built.
  • Class sizes at Codeup are smaller, a more intense program, more instructors per student, and duration is longer.
  • Codeup is more expensive (We think you get what you pay for!)
  • Codeup is more selective than Rackspace  OCA- our acceptance rate is right around 35%.
  • More companies need programmers (i.e. Codeup grads) than Linux admins (OCA grads).
  • Depending on your salary statistic website of choice, you’ll get a different answer to the always-important “How much money will I make?” question. Averaging results from various websites, salaries tend to be pretty similar across the two career tracks. That said, web/software developers enjoy a greater array of career options than do IT systems administrators.

Don’t get us wrong, we think Rackspace OCA is a great thing. It’s right for some people and Codeup is right for others. No matter what, please tell your friends that either is a great route to get into the tech industry.


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