Project QUEST, Inc. Partnership

About Project QUEST

Mission: Project QUEST strengthens and transforms lives by preparing individuals for in-demand, living wage careers.

Vision: Project QUEST will be San Antonio’s leading workforce development initiative; providing life changing services, education and career skills through collaboration and community partnerships.

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In the early 1990’s, an acute skills mismatch emerged as San Antonio’s economic base began shifting from manufacturing to service- and technology-driven industries. While 14,000 manufacturing jobs had been lost, over 19,000 new jobs had been created. Many of these were good paying jobs, but they required skills and expertise that were in short supply among San Antonio’s low-income residents. Project QUEST’s approach to training took shape through a process of grassroots community inquiry led by COPS (Communities Organized for Public Service) and Metro Alliance. Today QUEST is a nationally recognized workforce strategy with a 26-year history of successfully planning and implementing training programs for professional, high-paying jobs that enhance the economic competitiveness of San Antonio. QUEST has served over 7,300 participants. QUEST now boasts an 89% completion rate for its participants.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Possess less than a Bachelor’s Degree
    • Unless earned in Military or foreign country.
  • Unemployed, Underemployed, or Under-skilled
  • Local area resident
  • Eligible to work in the US.
  • 18 years of age or older
  • H.S. Diploma/GED
  • Commit to working full time for 18 months upon completion of the training program
  • Other eligibility requirements may apply

Participation & Post-Training Requirements:

  • Vision, Initiative, & Perseverance Sessions (VIP) – Bi-weekly work readiness training and check-ins
  • Timesheets & Test Grade Reports
  • Seek/Secure employment in Greater San Antonio
  • Seek/Secure employment in career for which training assistance was provided
  • Participate in your Project QUEST VIP Ceremony (Graduation)
  • Submit post-training employment information
  • Alumni/Ambassador Program available

Enrollment Process:

  1. Information Session – Register at https://go.questsa.org/#sign-up to attend
  2. Application – Submit online application
  3. Intake – Prescreening call to determine potential eligibility for services; next steps will be discussed
  4. Assessment – Your service strategy and career map will be developed
  5. Certification – Verification of funding eligibility
  6. Final Interview – Meet with Program Manager to determine enrollment