Madeleine Capper

Madeleine Capper is a storied local native and certified Agile professional with a B.S. in Mathematics from UTSA and is a graduate of the Codeup Data Science program.  She performed data science and consultation work with a focus in cyber security for Booz Allen Hamilton before returning to Codeup as an instructor.  Madeleine has a strong passion for the transformative properties of education and inclusive activism in the local queer community.  When she’s not making entirely self indulgent jocular riffs you can find her getting way too invested in the most recent heavy metal albums of the day.

Javier Ruedas

Javier has a Ph.D. in anthropology and an M.S. in Information Studies. Prior to joining Codeup, he had over 15 years of experience as an instructor in anthropology, Spanish, children’s literature, and coding. He was also a licensed New Orleans tour guide. He spent nearly two years in the Amazon rainforest working on digital preservation of Indigenous cultural knowledge. He is interested in digital archives, information organization, and metadata. He has worked as a freelance web developer, coding instructor, and consulting archivist. Javier loves history and children’s literature. He also enjoys the outdoors, ancient languages, and D&D.

Travis Meyer

Travis graduated from Codeup as part of the Arches cohort in 2014 and has worked as a full stack developer ever since. He loves teaching programming and giving back to the web development community, never forgetting where his career started. He even met his wife at Codeup! Outside the classroom, he enjoys playing video games, building & taking apart computers, learning the ins & outs of different programming languages, and coming up with fun web app ideas.

Douglas Hirsh

Douglas brings 18 years of professional development experience. He has worked for companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 50s. In his spare time, Douglas spends time with his family and continues to learn new things.

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Samuel Moore

Samuel is formerly a CNA from Kerrville, TX who found his way into the Computer Science industry in San Antonio, TX. He enrolled at Codeup and graduated with the Andromeda cohort in late July 2019 where he is now a Teaching Assistant. In addition to learning new technologies in his spare time, Samuel is passionate about teaching coding students the creative solutions software engineers in the industry can find. Outside of class, you’ll likely find Sam trying new technologies, game development, playing with an Arduino, or hiking with his two huskies.

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Tristan Crawford

Tristan graduated from Codeup in 2018 as part of the Teddy cohort and went on to work as both a Salesforce and Ruby on Rails developer for two years before coming back to Codeup to be a Teaching Assistant. He’s a GNU/Linux enthusiast who has been writing software as a hobbyist for over a decade; and he’s very eager to share what he’s learned in that time in order to set students up for success as they transition into their new careers. Outside of class, you’ll likely find him in a mosh pit at the Paper Tiger or working on music of his own!

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Joshua Peters

Josh graduated from Codeup as part of the Deimos Cohort and is now a technical career coach working with graduates as they work to find their first career in software development. Prior to moving to San Antonio to switch career paths, Josh was in the Air Force from 2009 to 2015 and ran his own small business doing Twitch TV and Youtube for over 6 years. He enjoys playing games with friends online and spending time with his cat that was rescued in Austin. His name is Mochi. He is originally from Minnesota so he finds it humorous when Texans think it’s “cold” out.

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Kenneth Howell

Kenneth is a native San Antonioian and STMU alumnus. His background before Codeup includes teaching middle-schoolers English, owning an insurance agency, and automotive sales. He joined Codeup, graduated from the Deimos web development cohort in early 2020, and is now an instructor with Codeup. Outside of the classroom, he enjoys cooking, smoking a nice cigar, games, and enjoying whatever the day brings.

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Ravinder Singh

Ravinder holds a Masters of Engineering (ME) from Purdue University. He has over 15 years of industry experience working in different roles (research, product engineering and development, regulatory compliance etc.) and leveraging data to make impactful business decisions. Ravinder is also a graduate from Codeup data science program.

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Fernando Mendoza

Fernando is a native of Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico. He graduated from University with a BS in Computer Systems Engineering. Before joining Codeup, Fernando worked as a Senior Web Developer at He values teaching because of its rewards of constant learning from his students and colleagues. Fernando specializes in PHP and Java.Fernando doesn’t have birthdays. Instead, he levels up. His sense of humor is his superpower. He really enjoys traveling around the globe and live music. He loves creating software solutions to help to solve people’s technical problems. His biggest dream is to swim in a pool full of Mexican Pozole.

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