0 paid months

All students get a FREE Geekdom Membership ($50/month value) while enrolled, as well as 6 months paid membership after graduating. Membership includes:

  • 24/7 Access to Geekdom Space
  • Exclusive Access to Geekdom events, including SA Tech Trek, Codeathons, and the SA Tech Job Fair
  • Access to the Geekdom Slack Channel and MORE!
$ 0 for 81% of students

We’ve partnered with Alamo Colleges to bring Codeup students a $3,500 grant from a Department of Labor-backed Techworks Program! Currently, 81% of our Codeup students have received this grant. The following three requirements are required for grant eligibility:

  • Applicant must reside within the Alamo District
  • Applicant must be underemployed or unemployed. Part-time and contract work qualify as being under-employed
  • Applicant cannot be enrolled in another institution or public education agency

See an opportunity to partner up?


Mentorship is a mutually beneficial opportunity – it provides valuable support and insights for our students, and provides you with the opportunity to give back to the field you love.Want to mentor a new Developer or Data Scientist at Codeup? Reach out!


Co-sponsor a Codeathon, help make San Antonio a better place! Whether it was rethinking San Antonio’s bus network with VIA or brainstorming opportunities to leverage big data with the Edwards Aquifer Authority – our codeathons help alleviate the Alamo City’s biggest problems and make life better for all San Antonians.

Join the team, co-sponsor our next Codeathon_