Your career begins with…

Education That Matters

Unlike traditional models of education, Codeup is focused on one outcome: getting our students jobs. Leave out core credits and intro classes – Codeup was founded and continues to exist because we believe there need to be better options for getting an education and finding a job. Our curriculum, programming, partners, and staff are all focused on matching students and employers, and seeking to maximize that relationship for both sides. We really mean it when say Codeup launches careers.

Job search support

Students work directly with our Director of Employer Partnerships to find work that matches both their interests and their skills. Job fairs, networking events, our alumni portal, and hand-served warm leads are just a few of the many ways we connect grads with job openings. After graduation, our team will check-in on a monthly basis to get formal updates on your job search. Find work within 6 months, or get half your tuition back. If you run the leg work, we will run the strategy.

professional and personal development

A 4-month intensive accelerator provides a unique growth opportunity for both professional and personal development. Workshops, one-on-one coaching, and community events will expose students to the tech community and let them develop their soft skills alongside their hard skills. Group projects, pair programming, executive coaching, and the intensity of our program push students to grow and learn personally.

real-world experience

Our goal is to get our grads jobs, so our methods are all based on building real-world experience. Students develop project portfolios of diverse code samples and professional portfolios for their job hunt. Individual, pair, and group work mirror the diversity of work environments on the job. Most importantly, the last two weeks of the program are spent developing a group Capstone Project, simulating a real-world work environment.

What Actual Students are Saying

My Story – Mittsy

Before Codeup, Mittsy had no background in IT. She fell in love with coding when her husband showed her some basic HTML. Mittsy found Codeup and, in her own words, “There was no question once we walked in the doors: this is where I wanted to be.” Mittsy was hired at our Demo Day – her first day looking for a job.

My Story – Micah

Before Codeup, Micah felt unsatisfied with his job and long hours. He was not progressing in his career quickly or making the money he wanted. He was scared to put up the money to attend Codeup, but the experience lived up to every expectation he had. Now, he works 40 hour weeks, has time to spend with his kids, and just bought a new home.