My Story

Our alumni share their unique Codeup experiences and their life transformation after
graduating from our programs.

Codeup Student Reviews

Abby spent her years in the education industry before her career transition into the tech industry. After graduating Codeup, she is now working in, what she calls, her “dream job of combining the best of both worlds (computer science and education) at Microsoft TEALS. Check out her story!

Upon graduating from Codeup, Sophie landed her first career as a software developer a few years ago. Now, she is back at Codeup as a web development instructor to help students through their career transition journey!

As a hairstylist, Sukari expressed her discomfort of having to work weekends and long hours. Her number one goal of transitioning careers was to find a career she loves and has a flexible work schedule so that she can spend more time with her son. Check out her transition story and how much she is loving her new career in software development!

Transitioning from the service industry and facing potential financial obstacles with his DREAMer status, Nestor is excited to share his life-changing experience at Codeup.

After serving 25 years in the military and law enforcement, Boris knew it was time to launch a second career in web development. Codeup challenged and encouraged him to use the skills he had learned from serving in the United States Army and bring it into the classroom!

Po shares his story of the difficulties he faced trying to find a job upon graduating from a 4-year university with a computer science degree. Quickly learning the requirements to start his career in software development, he sought out Codeup to help him build his resume through our project-based curriculum.

After serving in the Marine Corps, Lance worked in the service industry for over 15 years. Feeling empowered to make a change in his career, he sought out education options and came across Codeup. Check out his amazing story of transitioning into software development, a career he loves.