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Workup is a full-stack application that connects recent career accelerator grads to people/businesses in need of their new skillsets. The graduates provide work pro bono or for minimal compensation in exchange for real-world experience.

MobileEats is a full-stack application that allows mobile food vendors to be able to relay all business information (locations, menus, pricing, etc.) to a wide user audience. Users can find vendors on a map and submit reviews. Users can receive notifications, made capable by Mailgun. This application was created with Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. It was made as an MVC design pattern, and implements full CRUD functionality with the custom-built database.

RealTrail is a fitness activity website used for outdoor activities centered around trail routes, such as walking, running, hiking, or cycling. RealTrail allows users to create events and connect with others in order to easily schedule group activities. All users can participate in an event and share their experiences by adding trail photos, ratings, and comments, or providing route information. When scheduling an event, users can create a custom trail where specific meet locations become the starting points, and/or incorporate different trails into one route.

Lost but Found is a full-stack application that gives users the ability to recover lost items.

The Annotation Station is an application centered on creating organized collections of timestamped notes of YouTube videos. With this application, the user will be able to pick a specific part of a YouTube video to make a timestamp that creates a collection consisting of sections and notes made by the user. Users would be able to create their own unique profile and add all their collections to their profile page. From there, the user can decide either to share their collections within the app’s community or keep them private for personal use.

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