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Curated Ink gives tattoo artists an innovative social media platform to market their brand and showcase their portfolio of work to tattoo enthusiasts and potential customers. This streamlined process allows new customers to be easily gained through the different gallery views, presenting the opportunity for potential clients to follow an artist and stay up to date with their body of work, and for appointments to be requested via email by a client. Technologies used: HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, MySQL, Java, Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, SendGrid API, and Filestack API.

GoGreen is a full stack web application for users to create lawn service requests, post reviews on the work done by the employer “GoGreen” and upload images of before and after the job has been completed. Technologies implemented include Spring Boot for the main application, Thymeleaf templating for HTML views, MySQL for back-end storage, jQuery for Javascript utility and Mapbox API with JSON to generate an interactive map.

Tier 1 Hire is a hiring portal where job seekers have their info verified prior to on-boarding so employers save costs, and the hiring process becomes more efficient for both parties. Users can upload credentials and transcripts for the Tier 1 team to verify, as well as pre-screen their own background checks to send for review to hiring managers and recruiters to retrieve from their very own dashboard. This full-stack web application features Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, Fullcalendar API, and Filestack API. 

DinnerBell is a food-lover’s community for restaurant patrons to explore local restaurants, select their favorites, leave reviews, and search for dining ideas. Restaurant owners may advertise their business and provide further information to be featured on the DinnerBell exclusives list. DinnerBell was built using HTML/CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Java, Spring boot, ThymeLeaf, and MySQL.

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