Bring your ideas to life_

Take your company to the next level with custom software.

Your Problem

Whether you’re an established company looking to increase efficiency through automation or a startup launching an app, custom software can save you time and money. But getting custom software built is hard: which devs should you trust? What technologies should you use? How can you make sure your product will launch on time?

Our solution: Codeup Labs X Turner Logic

With 6 years of training software developers at Codeup and 7 years of building software at Turner Logic, our partnership leverages expertise from all angles. Not only do we train and place developers, but now we develop software too.

With co-founder of Codeup, founder of Turner Logic, and former Senior Software Developer at Lockheed Martin/CEO Chris Turner as your guide, we’ll lead you from design through deployment:

You know your idea, we know software. Together we can scope, design, and plan a new app.
Our customer-focused approach makes sure you have insight into the development process and that our product meets your needs.
Don’t let your shiny new software sit on the shelf. We’ll help you deploy and implement your application so you can show it off to the world AND starting earning back on this investment.

Why Hire Codeup Labs & Turner Logic?_

If you like ordering Bill Miller BBQ or have used Red’s Referrals, you’ll like the software we build for you. Learn more about the extensive portfolio from Turner Logic here.

The team at Turner Logic is led by Chris Turner, and built of 100% Codeup graduates who are now professional, expereinced software developers. We guarantee your software will be architected and built by the top app developers in San Antonio.