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During the COVID-19 pandemic, gyms closed and people were confined to their homes contributing to a decreased sense of community and reduction in physical activity. As an online fitness community application, Pressd allows users to improve their mental and physical health by connecting individuals who are passionate about fitness. Utilizing Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, Thymeleaf, HTML, CSS/Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery, Pressd also features full CRUD functionality and authentication through Spring Security. Users can register for the application; create and edit a user profile; create (and subsequently edit and delete) posts and workouts of their own to share with the community; rate and comment on other user’s workouts; upload pictures to use for their posts, workouts, and personal avatar image; and message other users through the app.

Boopr is a post-human social media platform that allows dog owners to consume adorable pet content amidst a social media landscape mired with human stress. A full-stack web application that uses SpringBoot, Thymeleaf, Mapbox API integration, and Bootstrap, Boopr creates a social media experience for users to share pictures of their pet canines. Users can upload profiles for their dogs as well as discover other dogs thru geo-locational proximity. Additionally, users may upload their favorite pictures of their pups and ‘boop’/like pictures of other charming furry friends.

Not Another Bookclub is a social network built around a love of books and reading. Visitors can create an account, record books that they’ve read, are currently reading, or plan to read, find other users and bookclubs that are reading the same books, and also peruse bookclub listings, seeing how often they meet, what book they are currently reading, and discussion posts and comments posted by bookclub members. If they’re a good match, users can request to join bookclubs, or create their own and invite like-minded friends. NAB is a fully functional, end-to-end CRUD full-stack website, built with Java, SpringBoot, Thymeleaf, jQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, and HTML using Google APIs and internal RESTful endpoints.

Full-stack SpringBoot web application that simplifies group travel planning, allowing easy creation of trips and sharing memories from your trips with others. Users are given full CRUD functionality to search for activities within their trip location, comment and vote on trip activities, and add pictures to current/past trips. Technologies include HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, MySQL, with the Google Maps/Places API, FileStack API, and MailGun API.

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