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Meet the creators of PodLobby:

PodLobby is a social media application designed to be a central location for like-minded podcast enthusiasts to get together and collaborate on new ideas. PodLobby allows users to easily share their favorite podcasts while being able to find guest speakers for any podcasts they may be working on. As a registered user, podcasters can add their podcasts to the site, get recommendations from the site to discover new podcasts, and view, listen and comment on other users’ creations. This application was built using Java, Springboot, MySql, Materialize CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and the Filestack API.

Meet the creators of Echo Vault:

EchoVault allows users to create Memorial Pages (“Echoes”) for loved ones. Users can post memories, comment on other users’ memories, and share their favorite photos of loved ones. It is a Spring Boot Web Application using the MVC design pattern, built with HTML, CSS/Materialize, JavaScript, jQuery, and Java. All entities have full CRUD functionality to create a highly dynamic and user friendly site.

Meet the creators of Helping Hands:

Helping Hands is a paired programming project that allows users to either put an item up for donation or a request for an item that’s needed. Users can create an account with a role, have full CRUD functionality with item request and donation posts, and see these listed items update in realtime as they are either created or claimed. Helping Hands is an MVC application built using Java and the Spring Framework.

Meet the creators of Trace:

Trace is a group project built using Java and the Spring Boot framework, as well as JavaScript, Tailwind CSS, and the Mapbox API. When hunting for a new job, keep track of all the positions you apply for and the important details associated with each job. Stay aware of where you are in the process and keep detailed notes using this full-stack application. 

Meet the creators of Journly:

Journly is a web application for teachers to create daily posts of gratitude, share posts with others, or browse through a library of books to save to their bookshelf. Technologies implemented in this full-stack Java application include Spring Boot for the main application, the Thymeleaf templating engine for HTML views, jQuery for JavaScript utility, and MySQL for back-end storage. Book data is accessed using Fetch API calls to the Google Books API. Email functionality is reliant on the Mailtrap email API.

Meet the creators of PharmHands:

PharmHands is an all-in-one pharmacy database manager for doctors, pharmacists, and patients. The application provides workflows for each of the 3 types of users to simulate the process of receiving a prescription for a medication, having a pharmacist verify and fill the prescription, and a patient being able to see their prescription ready for pickup. Using Spring Boot as our back-end framework, we are able to combine Thymeleaf HTML templates, MySQL database tables, and external JavaScript to create an MVC application. SendGrid is utilized for our email service and the application and database are deployed via DigitalOcean’s cloud service.

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