Your GitHub is a key tool in demonstrating job readiness to potential employers. They want to see a consistent history of commits as well as substantive code. That said, getting to the point where you are discussing your commit history with a hiring manager is not easy. GitJob is the GitHub of the job search: a one-stop shop for job openings and other helpful resources. Below you will find spreadsheets of both Development and Data Science jobs, as well as a curriculum-neutral table of resources to assist in your job search.

When you apply to a job, apply through the company website if possible. This will get your name to the top of their list. When jobs are sourced for the Bulletin, the company-specific link will be pulled where possible. If not, simply Google the company name and job title, or “[company name] careers page” / “[company name] jobs”. A few minutes of extra searching can get you the job of a lifetime.

Remember, if you don’t submit the jobs you apply for through the Job Form, they will not be counted in the weekly competition for $15 in Udemy credit… Plus, the Placement team is actively reaching out to every company on these lists to improve your odds of winning that job!

As you prepare for interviews, please make sure to let your MEP know about every one! That way, we can help you maximize your chances of winning. Following each interview, the final step is to fill out the Post-Interview Form.

“When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Spock; science officer for the USS Enterprise

Web Development Jobs

Data Science Jobs

Job Seeker Resources

Happy Hunting!