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Get matched with Full-Stack Web Developers, Data Scientists, Cyber Security Professionals, and Systems Engineers trained in the most in-demand skills, for free.


Diversify your talent with a candidate pool that is 30% veterans, 25% women, and 50% minorities


It’s free to hire from us, and if it doesn’t work out with our developers or data scientists, we pay you with our two-week Salary Refund Guarantee.


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Stop spending hours sifting through resumes. Only interview candidates we’ve handpicked for you.

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It shouldn’t be so hard to hire tech talent. Now, you can stop wasting time in disappointing interviews, stop paying for recruiters, and start hiring confidently from a company that gets it. Codeup is a career accelerator made by employers, for employers. Top companies and industry leaders help us build and evolve our curriculum. We then match you with rigorously pre-vetted candidates trained and experienced in the most in-demand skills, for free.


Get matched with pre-vetted candidates that have the skills your team needs, including:

Full Stack Web Development

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
JavaScript & jQuery
Java, Spring, MySQL

Data Science

Python with Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn
Applied statistics, SQL, Tableau, Git, Jupyter Notebooks
Applied Machine Learning: regression, clustering, classification, anomaly detection, time series analysis

Cyber Cloud

Networks, Protocols, and Packet Capture
Windows Support Fundamentals
Intro to Linux
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Storage and Compute
Cloud Application Architecture

Systems Engineering

Network Fundamentals
Linux System Administration
Relational Databases
Windows Support Fundamentals

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What’s the Catch?

It’s free, the talent is diverse, pre-vetted, and pre-qualified, we matchmake based on your specific needs, and refund your payroll if you let go of a web developer or data scientist within two weeks. No recruitment fees, no placement fees, no obligations. No catch. Stop wasting money on recruiters and let’s revolutionize your hiring process today.

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Do You Know Who You’re Hiring?

Do You Know Who You’re Hiring?

Hiring developers is always a lottery - it’s just a question of what kind of odds you play with. Until we perfect cloning (which I hear our Data Science side of the house is working on…), you will always face the variability and risk of bringing on new talent....

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