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$0 Placement Fees

It’s free to hire our developers, so stop paying recruiters 33% placement fees.

2-week Employer Refund Guarantee

We’ll reimburse 100% of payroll if you let go of a candidate in their first two weeks

Diverse Candidates

Diversify your talent with a candidate pool that is 30% veterans, 25% women, and 50% minorities

A Hiring Process Built For You_

De-risk, simplify, and speed up hiring to fill your open software development positions with Codeup. Our full-time 22 week career accelerator trains full-stack developers in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Java, Spring, MySQL, TDD, Git, and our grads work in React, Salesforce, .NET, and more. Our placement process is built for you as a hiring manager:

You tell us what you want
We hand-pick 2-5 candidates and facilitate interviews
You test run your hire with a two-week refund guarantee period
You pay $0 in recruitment fees

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