How long does the admissions process take for the Web Development program?

The admissions process includes the application process as well as the financial aid and enrollment process. Your application process can take around 2-3 weeks, though this varies based on each candidate’s availability. Financial aid and enrollment can take about the same amount of time – this is where you’ll be working on your tuition plan (with help from us!) and pre-work assignments in prep for class. Altogether, we suggest trying to apply about a month and a half before your desired start date.

Do I need to have any experience coding before starting the Web Development program?

Nope! We do have students who come through with coding experience and Computer Science backgrounds. However, we also have students who are really successful without having prior technical experience! That is why we have the admissions process that we do – to be sure our program is a good fit for you. To further ensure that you’ll be successful, accepted applicants complete about 30 hours of pre-work to prepare for the program.

What is Web Development?

In Web Development, you’ll write code using programming languages like JavaScript and Java to build websites and web applications.