What else will I learn in Codeup’s Web Development program?

On top of learning how to code and develop a full-stack application, we will talk about development approaches, pair programming, debugging, good practices, and more. Our instructors (and our founders!) have been on real-world software engineering teams, so we know our stuff. Finally, we will work with you on interview and presentation skills so you can wow potential employers. View our full curriculum here.

You’re covering technology “X”. I’ve heard “Y” is all the fashion now. What gives?

Programming is a world in constant flux. What’s popular today will likely not be ten or even five years from now. Instead of worrying about a particular stack, we focus on turning you into a well-rounded professional developer. We also teach you how to learn, so you’ll be set to go learn and work on whatever technology an employer throws at you. That being said, we are in close communication with our employer partners to constantly improve our curriculum, and we hold Technical Advisory Boards to ensure that we’re staying up to date and meeting industry demands.

Do I get a grade or certificate for the Web Development program?

Yes, we will grade your quizzes, projects, and code and you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion. However, we believe (and our employer partners agree) that what matters is what people can do — not what grade, diploma, or label they have. What you’re really graduating with is a new skillset and a portfolio to show off to employers!

What happens after Developer Day?

Developer Day is the day a Web Development student graduates, presents their project to classmates, Codeup staff, and our employer partner network, and begins their job hunt! You’ll start working on locating employment while continuing with our post-graduation curriculum. This is a set of challenges that you do while interviewing and applying for positions. We also encourage you to work on side projects with fellow grads. Even after graduation, we have weekly meetings, continue to offer career coaching, and our Placement Team is still working hard with and for you. Our job doesn’t end until you have one!

What will I have to show employers as a new Web Developer?

Each student will graduate with a working, well-engineered project completed. This might be writing a Twitter clone or doing the same for another well-known website. If you were sponsored by an employer, you may produce a project of value for them. We work with you to identify an appropriate capstone project.

What kind of companies hire entry-level Web Developers?

Students work at a range of companies, from small startups to large corporations. Our biggest hiring partners are USAA, Accenture and HEB, but we have plenty of grads go to smaller companies out of Geekdom and around downtown.