Am I responsible for any additional expenses?

We require all students to be on a MacBook made no earlier than 2017, capable of running the most recent operating system and with at least 8 GB of RAM. This is not something you need for the admissions process but you would be responsible for it on the first day of class. You do not need to buy any books or software though! Our custom curriculum is all online. The other cost to consider is transportation. Most students buy monthly passes to nearby garages.

If I am a veteran, does the GI Bill Money help cover tuition?

We have had students use Chapter 30, 35, and 33, as well as Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits to help cover their tuition costs for our web development and data science programs in San Antonio. After acceptance, you’ll work with our Financial Aid & Enrollment Manager who is our in-house School Certifying Official to see what benefits you have available to you and how those can fit into your tuition plan.

How can I earn a scholarship?

Visit our Scholarships page for more information on eligibility and application! We award scholarships about two weeks before a class begins so you must be on the roster by then to be eligible.

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Do you offer financing?

After acceptance, you’ll be connected with our Financial Aid & Enrollment Manager who will help you explore the various options available to you including loans, grants, VA Benefits, and scholarships.

Is there a deposit?

Yes. We take a $1,000 deposit to lock in your space in the program. This is your registration deposit. If you end up not joining the class, this is refunded to you. If you do join the class, this goes towards your tuition payment.