Where are Codeup’s programs held?

In San Antonio, our campus is at 600 Navarro St, where we have three floors and five classrooms. In Dallas, our campus is at 701 Commerce Ave, where we have one floor and one classroom.

What is a typical day in a virtual class?

Morning: You’ll spend the half-hour before class preparing for the day at our virtual Office Hours or reviewing yesterday’s notes or projects. Class starts at 9 am CT on Zoom.
Class Time: You’ll spend about half your class time in live lecture with our expert instructors, and the other half in supervised, supported project time. The curriculum is very hands-on, so even with virtual classes, you’ll be working on projects with classmates while instructors and teaching assistants are available to help.
Afternoon: Lunch starts at 12:30 pm and class resumes at 1:30 pm.
After Class: At 5 pm, you’re done with class, but you’re not done learning! Most students keep practicing and working on projects for a few hours each day to apply and absorb what they’ve learned. Students may choose to continue working together on Zoom, and instructors are available for virtual Office Hours for an hour after class.

What job placement assistance is provided to grads?

At your disposal, you’ll have career coaches, and essentially, your own recruitment team, all working to get you to a job you love. We do two things:

1) We “teach you how to fish.” We work with you on how to manage your career at a high level and also drill down on the mechanics of how to market yourself to employers. This includes things like creating resumes, building online profiles, managing social media, and nailing your interviews. You can use this information for the rest of your career.

2) We “help you find fish now.” We have dedicated staff members whose job is to find currently available job positions, build and maintain our employer partner network, and connect our graduates with potential employers.