Where are Codeup’s programs held?

All classes are currently held online via Zoom with live instruction alongside your classmates! We will remain fully virtual for the foreseeable future, which allows students from all across Texas to join us. When it’s safe to go back in person, our San Antonio classes will be held at 600 Navarro St, where we have two floors with five classrooms. Our Dallas classes will be held at the Novel Coworking space on 701 Commerce Ave, where we have one classroom and 2 offices on the first floor. Our Houston campus is located at 720 Rusk St.

Can I work while attending Codeup?

It is best that you do not work during any of our Codeup programs. Instruction time is from 9am-5pm daily. We have morning (8am-9am) and afternoon (5pm-6pm) study hall with instructors on-hand everyday of the week. Then, there is the homework and labs. Our job is to make you a kick-butt Developer or Data Scientist in a short period of time, so that means it is going to be intense. We won’t tell you what you can or can’t do, but we highly recommend limiting outside engagements during the program. Work and personal commitments tend to be the biggest interruptions to successfully completing our program!

What do my days look like as a Codeup student?

You’ll spend the half-hour before class preparing for the day at our virtual Office Hours or reviewing yesterday’s notes or projects. Class starts at 9 am CT on Zoom. You’ll spend about half your class time in live lecture with our expert instructors, and the other half in supervised, supported project time. The curriculum is very hands-on, so even with virtual classes, you’ll be working on projects with classmates while instructors and teaching assistants are available to help. Lunch starts at 12:30 pm and class resumes at 1:30 pm. At 5 pm, you’re done with class, but you’re not done learning! Most students keep practicing and working on projects for a few hours each day to apply and absorb what they’ve learned. Students may choose to continue working together on Zoom, and instructors are available for virtual Office Hours for an hour after class.