What credential will I graduate with from the Data Science program?

You’ll graduate with our Certificate of Completion, which is like our diploma. However, we believe (and our employer partners agree) that what matters is what people can do — not what grade, diploma, or label they have. What you’re really graduating with is a new skillset and a portfolio to show off to employers!

Does the referral bonus apply to referral for the Data Science program?

Yes! As an alum or staff member, if someone you refer completes 75% of our data science program, we’ll give you $500. Make sure they put your name on their application, or you won’t get credit!

In an effort to continue cultivating inclusive growth within the tech industry, we are now offering an exclusive Women in Tech referral program to Codeup alumni. If a woman you refer completes 75% of our data science program, we’ll give you $1000. Make sure they put your name on their application, or you won’t get credit! 

*Women in Tech referral program cannot be used in combination with any other existing referral or promotion

What does your Data Science curriculum cover?

At a high level, we cover the data science pipeline/process, relevant tools & technologies, modern methodologies, example projects, and important questions. More specifically, we have 16 modules: Fundamentals, Statistics, SQL, Python, Regression, Classification, Clustering, Time Series Analysis, Anomaly Detection, NLP, Distributed Machine Learning, Advanced Topics, Storytelling, Domain Expdertise Development, Career preparation, and a Capstone Project. To view our full curriculum, click here.

What else will I learn in Codeup’s Web Development program?

On top of learning how to code and develop a full-stack application, we will talk about development approaches, pair programming, debugging, good practices, and more. Our instructors (and our founders!) have been on real-world software engineering teams, so we know our stuff. Finally, we will work with you on interview and presentation skills so you can wow potential employers. View our full curriculum here.

You’re covering technology “X”. I’ve heard “Y” is all the fashion now. What gives?

Programming is a world in constant flux. What’s popular today will likely not be ten or even five years from now. Instead of worrying about a particular stack, we focus on turning you into a well-rounded professional developer. We also teach you how to learn, so you’ll be set to go learn and work on whatever technology an employer throws at you. That being said, we are in close communication with our employer partners to constantly improve our curriculum, and we hold Technical Advisory Boards to ensure that we’re staying up to date and meeting industry demands.

Where are Codeup’s programs held?

All classes are currently held online via Zoom with live instruction alongside your classmates! We will remain fully virtual for the foreseeable future, which allows students from all across Texas to join us. When it’s safe to go back in person, our San Antonio classes will be held at 600 Navarro St, where we have two floors with five classrooms. Our Dallas classes will be held at the Novel Coworking space on 701 Commerce Ave, where we have one classroom and 2 offices on the first floor. Our Houston campus is located at 720 Rusk St.