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Have your job prospects been eerily silent? No need to fear! Launch a new career!

Launch a new career in 6 months_

Have you found yourself jobless and scared lately? We can help. Become a software developer or data scientist without even leaving your house. Over the course of 22 weeks of fully-immersive, virtual learning, you’ll work on tons of hands-on projects. Our curriculum is crafted by employer partners to make sure you get the skills you need in-field. Then, we’ll help you actually land a job so that you can earn a comfortable salary in a fulfilling career.
Launch a career in 6 months, not 4 years
Learn the skills employers care about
Add hands-on projects to your resume
Get help landing a job

Web Development

Make your mark on the most in-demand career in the country, from home, in just 22 weeks. Bring your ideas to life by creating an app or website from start to finish while discovering how to fulfill your future employer’s needs by learning, thinking, and working like a developer.

Data Science

Businesses are relying on data insights and actionable intelligence more than ever to make informed decisions. As a Data Scientist, you will turn data into stories and informed presentations that will drive their success. Learn exactly what your future employer needs and become a critical business asset, from home, in just 22 weeks.


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Stay inside – it’s scary out there!_

Come to Codeup from home! All of our classes are conducted live via Zoom with your instructors and classmates, which is very different from the go-at-your-own-pace courses you might have tried in the past. Check out this video to see how our remote learning works, or visit codeup.com/codeup-virtual.

Get Hired or 100% Tuition Back*_

Tell our placement team what kind of job you want, and they’ll send you applications, help build your resume and LinkedIn, and practice interviews with you to help you get the job. This professional development is an ongoing, standard part of our curriculum. Get hired within 6 months of graduating or 100% of your tuition back.*

We offer financial aid, too_

Worried about the price tag of $27,500 for Web Development and $29,500 for Data Science? Don’t be. It’s way cheaper than a Master’s degree and we’ll help you out with scholarships, loans, grants, and we take VA benefits. With some payment plans, you don’t have to pay during the program.

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