Welcome to Ganymede's Developer Day!

Thank you for joining us as we celebrate the graduation of our Ganymede cohort! We’re so proud of all that they have achieved over the last 5 months. Since beginning their journeys into web development on March 23rd, they’ve gained hands-on experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Test-Driven Development, MySQL, and Spring. They put all of these skills to use to develop their capstone project – a full-stack web application that you’ll get to see today. As you watch, you can also learn more about each grad by clicking their name to visit their Alumni Portal profile.

 If you’re unable to see the video, please watch from one of our social media pages, which are linked below. 

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RemoteSTART is a project management application built to help teams visualize their work and maximize efficiency. Registered users can create teams, where team leaders can assign tasks to team members and team members can report the status of their task. They can also create sub-tasks under the tasks they’ve been assigned. This application follows the MVC design pattern and utilizes Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Spring Boot, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.


WILLing is a platform designed to ease the responsibility of distributing sentimental family heirlooms in a fair way. It ensures that family treasures continue to be cherished and loved by descendants and close friends, while no one is burdened by inheriting objects they don’t want or don’t know the history of. Users can create albums for items handed down by family, and manage the album, items, images, and the participating users allowed to view them. Invited users can rank their interest in items to assist the owner in deciding who should receive the  possessions. WILLing is a full-stack web application built using the Filestack API for uploading images and videos, integrated by Java, SpringBoot, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, and jQuery.


ShearUp is a full-stack application that streamlines the connection between barbers and clients to revitalize an industry deeply impacted by COVID-19. ShearUp provides a sleek, sophisticated platform using MVC design pattern, Spring Boot with Spring Security, Thymeleaf, and MySQL. It also integrates Mapbox, MailGun, and Filestack APIs. Barbers can display available hours, location via Mapbox API, and available services, which they can add, edit, or delete at any time. Clients can view barber profiles, book appointments, and leave reviews. Pictures are uploaded via the Filestack API. 

Hilltop Liquors

Hilltop Liquors is a full-stack application created using Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, Java, MySQL Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML. This application solves the unique constraints put on a mom and pop shop during the pandemic by using e-commerce for online orders and curbside pickup options. It is equipped with a fully operational back-end operating system allowing the store manager to import CSV files directly into the database and upload new content to be displayed on the front-end. The site also incorporates the SendGrid and Twilio APIs to integrate user sales and promo interaction. 



E-yearbook is a child friendly application for electronically signing and viewing a yearbook. Parents register their children and are given access to monitor content posted by their children and on their child’s page. Children are able to search for their peers and leave comments on each other’s “yearbook.” This full-stack application was created using JavaScript, MySQL, Spring-Boot, Maven, APIs, Java, Thymeleaf, GIT, CSS, and HTML.



AdventureBuddy is a platform for outdoor enthusiasts to share their interests in hiking, cycling, and mountain biking trails in the San Antonio area. Users can create their own adventure events, gather information about individual trails, and rate and review trails they’ve visited. Users can keep track of which trails they have hiked, update their profile settings, and request to join events hosted by other users, which can be found on the events page. This full-stack application was built using Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, Java, JS, and CSS. By utilizing the HikingProject, Full Calendar, and MapBox APIs, users have access to trail data, such as length, elevation, and weather.