Welcome to Fortuna's Developer Day!

Thank you for joining us as we celebrate the graduation of our Fortuna cohort! We’re so proud of all that they have achieved over the last 5 months. Since beginning their journeys into web development on January 13th, they’ve gained hands-on experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Test-Driven Development, MySQL, and Spring. They put all of these skills to use to develop their capstone project – a full-stack web application that you’ll get to see today. As you watch, you can also learn more about each grad by clicking their name to visit their Alumni Portal profile!




TechTrek is a full-stack application designed to streamline the career transition process for Codeup graduates. In this one-stop resource, users can view relevant job and event postings, upload a resume for Codeup’s student placement team to review, and receive guidance from the placement team on any questions pertaining to their job search. This project utilizes the MVC design pattern, Spring Boot with Spring Security, Thymeleaf, and MySQL.


Progeny is a full-stack web application that allows users to create and save recordings of children’s stories to be played for their kids and grandkids. It uses Java with a SpringBoot framework. This project saves the stories in a MySQL database, and implements many different APIs to offer a high-quality user experience.


OptikoCodes is a community-based full-stack web application that allows users to post questions about programming issues. Other users are able to offer a detailed video response to those questions as well as comment on responses. The application was built in Java, following the MVC pattern and utilizing the Spring Boot framework, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap and the Summernote WYSIWYG. As a nod to Michael Jordan, the developers have adopted the #WeAllJordans hashtag to signify their ability to work together and push each other to new heights.


MemeTees is an e-commerce site designed for buying and selling clothing products featuring trending internet memes. The site was constructed using Spring Boot, HTML, CSS, BootStrap, and MySQL. The use of a dynamic database allows for maintenance and upkeep of users, inventory and transactions. The application uses the Stripe Payment API which ensures customers’ secure transaction processing while keeping the application light and efficient.



Chowhound is a mobile-friendly website that allows users to search for food trucks in their area, upload photos of their truck, food, or environment, and leave reviews. Each truck listing shows pictures that the owner or users have uploaded, the types of food that they sell, as well as location and owner information. Chowhound was built using the Filestack API for uploading images, Google Maps API for tracking truck and user location, as well as Java, SpringBoot, MySql, CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap.


Garden Seedr

GardenSeedr is an application that gives the average person the guidance to grow their own food more effectively. GardenSeedr is a Spring Boot driven application utilizing JavaScript, HTML, Spring Security, Bootstrap, OpenFarm API and OpenWeather API. This application provides vital information for new gardeners such as the sunlight, spacing, and spread requirements for the plants they want to grow, as well as a local weather forecast, and virtual representation of their physical gardens.

Quacker Tracker

Quacker Tracker is a full-stack application that enables users to track their spending habits, bill payments, and financial goals. It’s stylized with Bootstrap and utilizes JavaScript, Java, jQuery, MySQL, and SpringBoot. Notable features include dynamic tabular data, visual graphics, and progress trackers, as well as full CRUD functionality for logged in users.