Financial Aid

VA Benefits

As of July 2016, we are now accepting VA Benefits as a form of financial aid, which can cover up to 100% of your tuition. Veterans or Veteran’s Dependents should work through Codeup’s admissions process before activating their benefits.

If you have any questions about using your benefits, give us a call! Our in-house School Certifying Official will be happy to talk!

Financial aid for veterans


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    Both veterans and their dependents may utilize VA benefits at Codeup

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    Because Codeup is an accelerated, full-time program, it will consume 12.5 months of benefits.

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    When reviewing their benefits, veterans should look for their remaining months of eligibility, benefit level, delimiting date, and type of benefit.

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    Codeup will need to collect former transcripts, copies of your DD-214 or NOBE, current address and contact information, an intent to enroll form, as well as a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility.

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    More information available at the Bexar County Veterans Service Office, online, or through the student help line (888-442-4551).


Codeup works with four grant partners that can assist with financial aid: Project Quest, Workforce Solutions Alamo, and the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.

Each grant partner works with Codeup in a different way, so please contact us or continue reading for more information!

Financial aid through grants


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    Project Quest

    Project Quest is a workforce development program focusing on individuals with a history of underemployment or unemployment. Email to explore your eligibility! (All applicants encouraged)

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    Workforce Solutions Alamo

    Workforce Solutions Alamo governs the regional workforce system, and has available grants for youth (ages 16-25) and individuals with a history of underemployment or unemployment. For more information on their program and how to apply, click here!

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    The Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) is a governmental agency that helps individuals with disabilities pursue vocational training. For more information on their program and how to apply, click here!

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    Alamo Colleges

    Codeup has partnered with Alamo Colleges to bring you a grant from a Department of Labor-backed Techworks Program! This means anyone who qualifies under three requirements are eligible for a $3,500 grant to attend Codeup. 1) Applicant must reside within the Alamo District; 2) Applicant must be underemployed or unemployed. Part-time and contract work qualify as being under-employed; 3) Applicant cannot be enrolled in another institution or public education agency. Check out the map of the Alamo College District here.

Loan Partners

Codeup works with two loan partners that allow students to finance up to 100% of their tuition as financial aid. Students are responsible for paying their $1,000 enrollment deposit separately from any money financed through one of these partners.

Students may also finance their tuition through outside lenders, such as credit unions or personal bank loans.

Financial aid through loans


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    SkillsFund – students should work through Codeup’s admissions process before applying for a loan through SkillsFund. Visit online!

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    Climb Credit – students should work through Codeup’s admissions process before applying for a loan through Climb. Visit online!

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    Security Service Credit Union, Generations FCU, Human Credit, Personal bank loan

Payment Methods

Codeup offers a wide variety of payment options to make it easy for students to arrange their tuition!

Financial aid through self-payment


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    Codeup accepts credit/debt card payments from Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.

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    Codeup accepts checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks, which can be made payable to Codeup, LLC.

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    Codeup students may choose to pay their tuition in bitcoin.

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    Codeup also accepts ACH payment.

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    Codeup has partnered with WeFinance to provide a crowdfunding option. To get started, click here to create your page, invite people in your network to contribute, and connect to a nationwide network of people interested in helping fund students just like you.