Financial Aid

Codeup is an investment that continues to reward you your entire career!

Your Tuition Investment Options

How will you pay for Codeup? Tuition payment is often top of mind for applicants. Please read about your Financial Aid options below. Once accepted into Codeup, you will work one-on-one with our Financial Aid & Enrollment Manager to discuss how to make Codeup possible for you.


If you’re unemployed, underemployed, underskilled, a veteran, or under the age of 25, you may be eligible for a grant from one of our grant partners. You may apply for multiple grants to help offset the cost of tuition as much as possible.


Think you’ll play a part in diversifying the tech industry? Apply for a scholarship! We aim to make a career in tech accessible to everyone, especially underrepresented groups. With amounts ranging from hundreds up to $5,000, we encourage all eligible students to apply.


You have many options for loans, including not having to make any payments during the program or for 6 months after! We’ve partnered up with select institutions to offer flexible financing options to make Codeup more accessible. However, you may also finance your tuition through outside lenders, such as credit unions or personal bank loans.

VA Benefits

Codeup is proud to accept VA Benefits, including Ch. 31, T.O.E., VET TEC, VRRAP, and GI Bill,  as a form of tuition payment for our San Antonio-based classes. What’s more, our in-house School Certifying Official is available and happy to answer any questions you may have. Learn More >

We only require a $1,000 initial deposit before the first class day, and our Financial Aid & Enrollment Manager helps each individual student decide which options to pursue. We accept payments via credit card, check and ACH.


The vast majority of our students (88%) received some form of financial aid, but everyone pays for Codeup differently. Here are some anonymous examples:

Vets With GI Bill® Benefits

Female Career Starter Under 25

Underemployed Career Transitioner

LGBT Unemployed College Student

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