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We know tuition payment is top of mind for students coming into Codeup. When you’re accepted into a program, you’ll have the opportunity to work with our Financial Aid & Enrollment Manager to explore every option available to you. Over the past year, 88% of our students received some form of financial aid. As you’re working towards acceptance, you can start learning more about our financial aid options below.


Codeup works with four grant partners who are ready to assist qualified candidates. This is a great option to explore if you identify with some of the requirements these organizations seek. Learn more about each one below.

Project Quest: Quality employment through skills training

Project Quest

Project Quest is a workforce development program focusing on individuals with a history of underemployment or unemployment. Email to explore your eligibility (all applicants encouraged).

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Workforce Solutions Alamo

Workforce Solutions Alamo

Workforce Solutions Alamo governs the regional workforce system, with grants for youth (under 25) and individuals with a history of underemployment or unemployment.

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Alamo Colleges District

Alamo Colleges

We’ve partnered with Alamo Colleges to bring you a grant via the Department of Labor’s Techworks Program! If you qualify under the following requirements, you may be eligible for a grant to attend Codeup!

Our Financial Aid and Enrollment Manager will put students in contact with Alamo Colleges to begin the application process and determine grant eligibility.

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To see if you are eligible for scholarships or grants, please select each applicable item below.

You may qualify for multiple scholarships, but can only receive a maximum of one (1) scholarship from Codeup. If you qualify for multiple, you will receive the largest amount for which you qualify*. You can receive multiple grants. You can have both a grant and a scholarship.

*Scholarship Application required to be considered.

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