Welcome to Europa's Developer Day!

On April 16th, we recognized the Europa cohort! This class started on November 4th, 2019 and over the last 5 months, these 22 students have gained hands-on experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Test-Driven Development, MySQL, and Spring. They’ve put all these skills to use for their capstone project – a full-stack web application that they presented during our Developer Day! You can see the full video below. You can also learn more about each grad by clicking their name to visit their Alumni Portal profile! Click on the team names below to view the individual team videos!



Kid Invest

Kid Invest is a children’s application targeted towards 7+ years old youth  to learn, play, and practice investing at an early age. This includes a learning platform where kids can learn fiscal knowledge and tips for being a successful money-maker. After registration, users receive initial funding to start their lemonade stand. The lemonade stand will operate like a regular company where users will need to purchase supplies, expand the store, and sell to customers. With earnings, kids will invest in local kid-friendly companies created using a real-time stock market API where the businesses simulate actual stock fluctuations. This application incorporates Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

My Pup

A full-stack application platform that connects dog buyers with dog breeders. Breeders’ profiles will have the capability to update bio information, types of breeds, photos, and listings of dogs available for purchase. They will also Create, Read, Update, and Delete their own posts. A visitor can browse posts and register. When a  buyer registers for an account, a profile is created, they will have the option to learn more about their potential companion that best fits their lifestyle through a survey, or they can just search through all the posts to find a dog they’re looking for.  API’s used are dog API and Fliestack. Languages used for this application are Java, SpringBoot, MySql, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap.



What’s Up SA

A full-stack web application that allows promoters to post their events and users to find an aggregation of all local events in San Antonio. Users are able to submit events, add friends, and show an interest in other events. Any event submissions will be modified and moderated by admin users, to then be listed on the site.  In addition, users can upload images to their profile and events and their interests will be shared with their friends list. This application utilizes HTML, CSS, and Javascript in the front-end and Java, Spring Boot, Filestack API, and Thymeleaf in the back-end.


Kitsune is a full-stack application made for lifelong learners. The site features tutorials on using advanced search engine features as well as tips for finding reputable sources online. With the integration of Google Custom Search and YouTube API, users are able to post articles, links and videos to project boards for academic purposes or personal learning endeavors. Kitsune was developed with Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, Hibernate with MySQL, Java, JavaScript, Bootstrap and custom CSS.



A full-stack application that helps users both find and upload recipes. The site’s main feature allows you to input your current pantry/fridge items and find a recipe based on those ingredients. This is done through the use of Spoonacular API, as well as our MySql database. Users can connect through recipe comments, save necessary ingredients to their shopping list, and view other users profiles for a user friendly experience.



Swole-Mates is a fully functional full-stack application utilizing HTML, BootStrap, CSS, Java, MySQL Database, and Spring Security that lets users find a workout partner in their area. Users can find workout partners along with times, locations, and general descriptions of the activities posted to the page. Users will then be able to connect to one another via a direct messaging system.


CodeOn is a full-stack application built with Spring Boot. It provides aspiring developers with a central location to prepare for employment interviews, connect with mentors, and share job opportunities. CodeOn is driven by community feedback, designed with the MVC Pattern, and powered by technology such as Spring Security and Filestack API.