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Whether you’re hiring our graduates, mentoring current students, or attending our next Developer Day,
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Attitude + Aptitude + Diversity


We know how much effort you put into hiring great talent. That’s why we screen all Codeup applicants for three qualities we’ve found necessary for a successful career in software development:

  • Problem-solving ability
  • Motivation
  • Professionalism

& Skills

Fortune 500 companies and startups alike have hired from Codeup and keep coming back for more. Our team of expert instructors and a dedicated curriculum developer regularly incorporate employer feedback in the classroom.

  • Java, Spring, & Apache
  • JavaScript, CSS, & HTML
  • Linux & Git
  • Employer input

& Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion in tech remain elusive. We’re committed to helping employers strengthen their teams with developers from underrepresented groups and a variety of prior professional and educational experiences.

  • Scholarships for women
  • 51% students of color
  • Assistance for veterans
  • Inclusive classroom environment

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Demonstrating coding talent


Codeup talent

Our students are hungry to learn from the best and brightest Developers and Data Scientists in the industry. Beyond expert instruction in our classrooms, mentors provide students with a tangible link to real-world projects, best practices, and job opportunities they may not encounter otherwise.

Give back to the field you love, and mentor a new Developer or Data Scientist at Codeup!

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Codeathons & Datathons

Looking to brainstorm with a broader community of techies?

From rethinking San Antonio’s bus network with VIA, to working at the intersection of big data and water conservation with the Edwards Aquifer Authortiy, it all starts with a few lines of code.

Codeup is excited to partner with companies, non-profits, and government organizations to think critically about some of San Antonio’s toughest challenges.

Codeathon participants share talent

Success Stories


Featured Employer: Greenlight

Scrum Master and Director of Technology Development at Greenlight, Gene Carangal, has built a team of Codeup developers to work on a leading mental health assessment tool.