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Part of the reason so many Data Science jobs are open right now is because recent graduates simply don’t qualify. They don’t know the most up to date languages and they don’t have enough projects to back up the claim that they’re ready to code.  Employers want you to hit the ground running from day one. That’s where we come in.

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Though some job listings for Data Scientists require a Bachelor’s degree, many of them don’t, and those that do often don’t care what your degree is in. As long as there’s evidence that you have the right skills, you’re employable. And building skills is what we’re all about. 

You’ll have plenty of projects to show off to potential employers which will put you way ahead of the game. Employers can’t waste their time training candidates that have knowledge but not skill. That’s why we’re here!

In fact, we have students come to Codeup every year because they finished their degrees but couldn’t get hired. Some even have a Master’s degree and above. Others get just as great of jobs with no degree.


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Your curriculum was crafted alongside employers to make sure you’re learning what you need to know on the job.  Prepare for an entry-level or mid-level job as a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, or Data Engineer in any industry. Learn how to collect, clean, analyze, model, and communicate data using mathematics, statistics, and programming.

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Fill out the application below. Our (helpful and friendly) Admissions team will be in touch ASAP to help answer questions. Even if you’re not sure if Codeup is right for you, we can help you work through your doubts and hesitancies in your initial phone call.

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