Thinking about a master’s degree?

Become a data scientist 4X faster with Codeup. Learn all the technical skills you need to get hired within 6 months of graduating, or get your tuition back.*

Will a Master’s Degree make you more employable?

If your toilet is acting up, you call a plumber, not someone with a PhD in Fluid Dynamics to learn how the physics messed up your pipes. Graduate degrees are set up to where you learn about pipe theory, then the history of the wrench, then the physics of water. But in the tech world, knowledge on theory won’t get you very far.

In grad school, you’ll spend a fortune learning theory about statistics, then algorithms, then the history and evolution of applied machine learning. However, you won’t have many tangible skills or projects to show potential employers. Not here. Our hands-on, project-based curriculum is crafted by employers and set up to let you practice how to actually fix things so you can be the best data scientist you can be.

Launch a career in 2 years 6 months

Build the skills, not just the knowledge. Learn how to think, not just how things work. Become an expert, don’t just watch one. If you want an awesome salary and a fulfilling career in a booming industry, we can make you a data scientist fast, with no experience necessary.


Launch a career in 6 months,
not 2 years


Add hands-on projects
to your resume


Get Help
Landing a Job


Learn the Skills
Employers Care About


Though some job listings for data scientists require a Bachelor’s degree, many of them don’t, and those that do often don’t care what your degree is in. As long as there’s evidence that you have the right skills, you’re employable. And building skills is what we’re all about. 

You’ll have plenty of projects to show off to potential employers which will put you way ahead of the game. Employers can’t waste their time training candidates that have knowledge but not skill. That’s why we’re here!

In fact, we have students come to Codeup every year because they finished their degrees but couldn’t get hired. Some even have a Master’s degree and above. Others get just as great of jobs with no degree.

Out of Data Science alumni,


Have an Bachelor’s Degree


Have an Master’s Degree


Have a Doctorate


Do not have a degree 

Start learning doing everything that matters and nothing that doesn’t


Curriculum Hours


Week Program


2019 Employement Rate

During the course of our 22-week fully immersive Full Stack Web Development program, you will get over 670+ hours of keyboard time in a curriculum crafted by employers. You’ll learn all the technical skills to become a software developer and have projects upon projects to add to your portfolio. But it doesn’t stop there.

Get hired or 100% of your tuition back*

Tell our placement team what kind of job you want, and they’ll send you applications, help build your resume and LinkedIn, and practice interviews with you to help you get the job. This isn’t your university’s optional career help desk. This professional development is an ongoing, standard part of our curriculum. Get hired within 6 months of graduating or 100% of your tuition back.*

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(These numbers are based on our 2019 San Antonio outcomes.)

*Check out our refunds page to learn more about our tuition refund!

They’ll give you the shirt off their back | Lance

Lance previously served in the Marine Corps. He was ready for a career change. Toward the end of his time at Codeup, he got an impromptu opportunity to interview with a company but was dressed for class, not an interview. So our Director of Business Development, Stephen, gave him the shirt off his back. That’s how dedicated we are to each and every student’s long term success.