data science: codeup or another?

So, you live in San Antonio and want to become a Data Scientist. Congrats! Maybe you’ve heard that Data Science was named the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century and Glassdoor’s #1 Best Job? Well, we have bad news for you and we have good news for you. The bad news? There aren’t very many options for you in San Antonio. The good news? You have Codeup!

Codeup became the first Data Science career accelerator in San Antonio when we launched our program in February 2019, and today we remain the only one. But there are other ways to learn data science in the Alamo City. If you’re exploring a career in Data Science, you have a few categories to consider:

  • Immersive career accelerators: that’s us! These are full-time, instructor-led, hands-on programs to teach you data science and land you a job in less than 6 months. 
  • Self-paced career accelerators:
    that is programs like the Syracuse online Master’s in Applied Data Science. These are great for freedom and flexibility, but generally take longer to complete and don’t involve in-person learning.
  • Master’s Degree:
    locally, your options are…UTSA. Within their School of Business, they offer both a Master’s of Science in Data Analytics (MSDA) and a Master’s of Science in Statistics and Data Science (MSSDS).

Here’s a side by side comparison of those options and what makes them different

Update 2022: Data Science Program at Codeup Cost – $31,250

There’s a lot of information here, leading to a lot of questions. Here are a few we pulled out to help you find the right path:

What is my goal?

Am I focused on skills and career training or do I value a traditional degree and a broad education? Am I looking for a career transition or more education? What post-graduation outcomes can I expect?

What are my constraints?

Do I want an interactive, hands-on, full-time model, or do I prefer working on my own with a part-time, online program? What are my tuition options to support my cost of tuition?

What is the return on my investment?

If I invest $X,XXX, how much can I expect to get back in my first year of employment? What is the opportunity cost of going to school for 6 months vs 2 years?

If you are struggling to answer those questions, here is some food for thought…

employment outcomes

Codeup will help you land a job or give you back 100% of your tuition. We put our money on the line with our promise to launch your career. In our very first cohort, 88% of students were hired in-field in an average of 6 weeks for an average of $72,000/year. They went to work at companies like Booz Allen Hamilton, Merck, USAA, Cyber Fortress, and Data Propria in roles like Senior Consultant – Data Science, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, and Data Analyst.

All of those outcomes are backed up by Codeup’s outcomes publishing through the Texas Workforce Commission and Council for Integrity in Results and Reporting, something that most of your other options do not do.

Codeup Instructor helping student find job

Our Data Science CURRICULUM

We offer a 100% refund if you don’t get a job, so it’s in our best interest to teach you what you need to know. To build our curriculum, we started by interviewing over 40 practitioners, hiring managers, and leaders. We analyzed hundreds of job postings on Indeed and LinkedIn. We scoped out curricula at other bootcamps and universities. Then we transformed all of that research into the most comprehensive curriculum in Data Science.

Through our program, you become an expert in the full data science pipeline, working a project through acquisition, preparation, exploration, modeling, and delivery. You learn core data science skills like Python, SQL, Tableau, and Spark. You practice presenting to stakeholders with executive summary presentations after every model.

Data Science program structure

Programming is like a trade – practice is the most important thing. Codeup is full-time and gives you 670 hours of live instruction. Learn through a combination of lecture, exercise, and project time to build your skills block by block. Finish out the program with a 3-week immersive capstone project, in which you complete a full project from scratch, finding unique insights and making actionable recommendations to stakeholders.

Your Tuition options

Beyond your self-pay option, you’ll be able to explore our financial aid providers which includes 4 grant partners, 3 loan partners, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. We also offer nearly $200k in scholarships annually.