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Want a fulfilling career, but unhappy with the college or university path you’re currently on? Become a developer in 6 months with Codeup. Get hired within 6 months of graduating, or 100% of your tuition back.

Why Software Development?_

Launch a career in 6 
months, not 4+ years
Get hands on, practical experience
Get the outcome you 
were hoping for: a career
Learn the most up-to-date modern technologies

With over 236,000 software development roles available in the United States today, there continues to be more open positions than people to fill them. Furthermore,  Software Developers were named the #4 Emerging Job in the US in 2020 with a projected 35% annual growth by LinkedIn, and #7 Best Paid Job in the US in 2019 by CNBC

Now you’re probably wondering, “Don’t I need a Computer Science degree to get a job as a software developer?” As the industry continues to grow vastly, the highest priority for employers when hiring technical talent is up-to-date practical experience. They want to hire developers that can hit the ground running from day one. Don’t believe you can land a career in tech without a technical degree? Check out our stats below to explore the backgrounds of our graduates, who are now working as software developers, technical managers, and the list goes on.


Alumni In Network


Highest Level Of Education For Alumni: Associate Degree


Alumni With Non-Technical Backgrounds

Want to learn more about the differences between attending a university or college and a coding bootcamp? Check out our blog here!

How To Get There_

During the course of our 22-week accelerated Full Stack Web Development program, you will get over 670+ keyboard time to learn all the technical skills to become a Software Developer. But it doesn’t stop there. Work with your Placement team to get hired in an average of 2.2 weeks upon graduation. Get hired within 6 months of graduating or 100% of your tuition back.*


Week Program


Curriculum Hours


2018-19 Employment Rate


Average Weeks to Hire

(These numbers are based on our current San Antonio campus outcomes.)

*Check out our refunds page to learn more about our tuition refund! 

Codeup My Story | Po_

Po graduated from Trinity University with a 4 year degree in Computer Science. He graduated with a good GPA, but couldn’t find work as a web developer for a whole year. Companies told him he didn’t have enough full-stack experience, a big enough portfolio, and was lacking modern technologies and languages. So, he came to Codeup. He paired his theory knowledge with our practical knowledge and landed a job immediately upon graduation. Since then, he’s moved to Dallas to join Cognizant, where he’s been able to double his salary and move into a new position as a lead developer. 

Why Accenture Hires From Codeup

Accenture has been one of Codeup’s most engaged employer partners throughout the years! Tune in as Mainak Bardhan, Senior Manager at Accenture, speaks about our partnership and how Codeup has helped them build their growing workforce.

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The Codeup Difference

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