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On a career path you don’t enjoy, but unsure of what your next move will be? You’ve come to the right place. Become a Software Developer with Codeup in less than 6 months. Get hired within 6 months of graduating or 100% of your tuition back.

Why Software Development?_

In less than 6 months, you could…
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Be happy again when thinking about your career and future
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Never worry about the ceiling that limits you today
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Continue to learn and grow in the world of tech

How To Get There_

During the course of our 22-week accelerated Full Stack Web Development program, you will get over 670+ keyboard time to learn all the technical skills to become a Software Developer. But it doesn’t stop there. Work with your Placement team to get hired in an average of 2.2 weeks upon graduation. Get hired within 6 months of graduating or 100% of your tuition back.*


Week Program


Curriculum Hours


Employment Rate


Average Weeks to Hire

(These numbers are based on our current San Antonio campus outcomes.)

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The Codeup Difference

Codeup My Story | Abby_

With over 10 years of experience in Education industry, Abby was looking for more in her career and future. Looking into software development, she was surprised learning about the lack of diversity in ethnicity and gender, especially for Hispanic women. Seeing that Codeup offered a variety of diverse scholarships, Abby took the first step to her new career with Codeup. Click the video to learn more about how she took the initiative to beat the stat and utilize her experience in the Education industry to land her career as a Regional Manager at Microsoft TEALS.

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Whether you want to hear from our alumni or staff, we’re here for you! Read blog posts from our alumni, check out our FAQs or schedule a quick call to chat through your questions.

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