Codeup or Coding Dojo?_

Thinking about attending a coding bootcamp? Find the best fit for your goals_

There’s no right answer for everyone, but here are some important criteria to consider: 

Coding Dojo Dallas
Classroom Instructor Hours
100% Tuition Refund
Avg Time to Hire
2.1 Weeks
Financial Aid Partners
100% Instruction Led

Tuition options_

Codeup partners with 8 financial aid providers, including 4 grant partners, 3 loan partners, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. We also offer nearly $200k in scholarships annually. Coding Dojo only offers 1 loan partnership. When it comes to investing in your tuition, we’ve got your bases covered.
Codeup programming student
Codeup lobby

Program structure_

Programming is like a trade – practice is the most important thing. Coding Dojo’s structure only involves 3 hours of instructor-led class time each day. After lunch, study if self-guided, meaning that the program only totals to 210 instructor-led hours. Codeup is full-time and gives you 670 hours of live instruction.


Most bootcamps teach the same basics of web development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. Beyond that, there’s a lot of variety. Codeup teaches an enterprise stack to suit the hiring needs of partners like Oracle, USAA, and Cognizant. While we teach 7 primary technologies, Coding Dojo teaches over 22. That means they promise to teach 300% more technologies in 69% less time. That translates to a focus on breadth over depth.

The most important skills are tools-agnostic, meaning they don’t depend on a specific technology. They are things like how to think like a developer, how to de-bug code, and how to teach yourself coding languages. Learn how to learn at Codeup, and you can teach yourself anything.

Want to learn more? Check out our blog where we cover how to choose a coding bootcamp curriculum. 

Employment outcomes_

Codeup will help you land a job or give you back 100% of your tuition. We put our money on the line with our promise to launch your career. Our grads leverage a 99% employment rate, an average time of 2.1 weeks to hire, and partners like Oracle, USAA, Cognizant, and Accenture. All of that is backed up by the fact that we publish our outcomes through the Texas Workforce Commission and Council for Integrity in Results and Reporting. 


If you’re just looking for a new skill, you can click that back button. If you want a career in software development, Codeup is right for you. As an immersive 22 week career accelerator, our focus on employment outcomes ensures that the return on your investment is worth it. 
Want to learn more about how you can accelerate your career and what sets Codeup apart?