The Message Behind Our Billboards

Sep 17, 2018 | Behind the Billboards, Codeup News

You may have seen Codeup’s billboards around town featuring recent career transitioners. We’ve featured former law students, baristas, hairstylists, military veterans, and more. We’ve recently heard that the advertising has offended people from those professions, so we want to explain our message more clearly.

Codeup’s mission is to help individuals in transition change their futures by providing a fast and effective entry point into a tech career. We believe that everyone should have access to the new tech economy and that you don’t need any specific background to do so.

That’s why we feature REAL graduates of our program who have started new careers from a diverse set of backgrounds. Luke used to be a soldier, Mars was a barista and bartender, John was studying law, and Sukari was a hairstylist. We’re not saying those weren’t real jobs! And we’re not saying software development is better for you. We ARE saying that each of our students chose software development for their own reasons. We highlight those stories to show that YOU, regardless of what career you have now, CAN become a software developer IF that’s what you want.

Don’t just listen to us – listen to the real students whose stories are up on those billboards!

Codeup Billboards


Sukari S. (Previously a Hair Stylist): “I discovered I really liked software development: the process, the code… I wanted to immerse myself fully into it, so I decided to go to Codeup to better myself with a new career. Codeup changed my life for the best. It made my career transition as smooth as possible, and I’m super grateful. Now I have weekends back to spend with my toddler son!”

John H. (Previously studying Law): “I was in law school simply for the reason it seemed like the next logical step for my degree. Like a lot of people trying new things, once I got into it I discovered it wasn’t for me. When I started seeing the Codeup billboards, it gave me another option for something I could do that I had never tried before. It was something that could offer me a good, solid, steady career that I hadn’t considered. By no means is a law degree bad – lots of people are lawyers and take care of themselves. It’s just that Codeup was there to offer an alternative when I needed one.”

Amy Y. (Previously an Admissions Counselor): “I went into higher education because I had so many years of personal experience going through admissions, applying for financial aid, and planning my degree plan, and I enjoyed helping others through this process as well. However, even with a Master’s degree, I was in very entry-level positions and struggled for many years to advance to higher positions. I didn’t feel like my skill set or passion was being appreciated, so a programmer friend of mine directed me to Codeup. The transition into the tech industry has been life-changing, and as a programmer in my current job, I feel personally valued on a daily basis. The path for growth and advancement is clear, and I’m never looking back!”

We believe that each person should choose their own path, and degrees and diplomas don’t define you. If you’re happy in your career, that makes us happy! If you’re not happy in your career, call us, and we’ll do everything we can to help you build a better tomorrow.