Fresh Out of Codeup: Cayden Simler

Aug 14, 2018 | Codeup News

Fresh Out of Codeup: Cayden Simler


Fresh Out of Codeup: Cayden Simler

Digiboost recruits unprecedented talent from Codeup

By Mark A. Alvarez II

There is so much more than meets the eye when meeting Cayden Simler, Digiboost’s newest developer. The Codeup graduate has set a new standard at Digiboost, by not only meeting expectations but exceeding them with his passion for technological innovation. From humble beginnings as a military child, moving from place to place, to building a life in San Antonio, Texas, Cayden is a one of a kind talent, displaying a multitude of skills ranging from CSS, JavaScript, PHP and troubleshooting methods for solving developmental problems. At Digiboost, Cayden hopes to empower and enable small business to thrive in a corporate world with his distinct style and approach to coding.

“I want to be a part of building up the Digiboost brand while also building up the small businesses that come to us for support,” Simler said. “I really want to contribute and give back in the best way I know how.”

After acquiring a taste for web development in high school, Cayden looked to Codeup as an alternative to obtaining a four-year degree. Codeup provided Cayden with a program focused on developing the skills required for his role as a web developer. Codeup’s hands-on approach to coding proved to be helpful to Cayden, allowing him to immediately put to practice everything he was learning. In just 16 weeks, Cayden was certified in Full Stack Development, dubbed the status of Junior Software Developer, and matched up with one of Codeup’s employer partners. The Codeup program is dedicated to providing its students with the skills necessary to effectively land an entry level coding position and launch their career in software development.

“Codeup was designed exactly the way I needed it to be,” Simler said. “I gained the ability to problem solve, debug and learn new coding languages quickly. I  learned methods through whatever means necessary and created a fast entry into a career as a developer with the skills I needed to succeed.”

Since starting at Digiboost, the team has been beyond impressed by the level of commitment and efficiency Cayden has brought to the company. His developmental knowledge has brought him to become one of Digiboost’s lead developers.

“Cayden is a true asset to Digiboost,” Brian Campbell, Digiboost Client Care Specialist, said. “I hadn’t heard much about Codeup or the types of skills they taught, but Cayden is quite versed in several different coding forms. He has proven to be a great resource, either with live customers or with employees in the office. In the future, I can see Cayden moving into a senior type role very fast. But I believe his skill set is something we need and want him to get more advanced in.”

Cayden’s display of talent and proficiency have proved to be the type of personality sought out by Digiboost. His pursuit of excellence within his field has proven to be quite the journey, one that has earned the admiration of his team and colleagues. Surely, looking to the future, Cayden is bound to leave a lasting impact at Digiboost while growing and utilizing his incredible talents.

“I’m very excited for the future of tech in San Antonio and Codeup’s role in the tech district. This is an opportunity for us to all grow towards a shared vision,” Jason Straughan, CEO of Codeup, said.

This is the second of a new Codeup blog series which will feature guest articles related to software and technology.

Mark A. Alvarez II, Digital Content Writer at Digiboost.