Coding Bootcamps Should Publish Verifiable Results

Aug 14, 2018 | Codeup News, Tips for Prospective Students

Coding Bootcamps Should Publish Verifiable Results


If you’re going to promise things to customers, you should back it up with detailed data. Want to know if an educational program is working? Ask for data about individual students and their outcome. If a program, college or school isn’t willing to provide that — run the other way.

When we started Codeup, Chris, Jason and I decided to question conventional thinking about education. While the common practice is to withhold real, verifiable data about outcomes, we decided we should be open about results so our applicants can make educated decisions.

We do just that here.

23 out of 27 from our May class are working. Our August class just finished up and is out finding early success in the job market.

Come see us. We think you’ll be blown away.